The Shadow Men

this is a story that is still in working progress, but i hope you like it :)


2. one


It all began, when Bandit was eight years old. The weather was pleasant and the day was peaceful. Bandit lay outside in the long green grass of her garden, looking up at the sky through the leave of a massive oak tree that was situated in the middle of the garden. Bandit was an innocent eight year girl, but her child like curiosity had gotten the better of her that day, something interesting caught her eye. It was hanging from a branch, the sunlight was reflecting off it like a disco ball. Creating the little specks of light that bounced around the garden, like little fairies, they caught Bandit’s eye, they fascinated her, and made her question where they were coming from. While searching for the beautiful object that was creating the beautiful fairy like dots, bandit could feel the pounding of her heart against her rib cage, like someone was knocking on a door. She could hear the blood rushing in her ears. She had to find that object.

She found the object hanging from a branch of the old oak tree. With her curiosity getting the better of her again, she climb the tree, she wanted to hold the object, to find out what it really was. She climbed the tree, pulling her self up with her small, snow colour skin, her small boned arms could just about hold up weight. Once on the branch that the object hung from, Bandit was able to reach the object that she long desired. She stretched out her arm, but she couldn’t quite reach it, she shuffled along the branch, once again stretched out her arm and grabbed the object. It felt cold against her the skin on her hand, and held on to it tight, that it left an indent in her palm. The adrenalin was over powering, the excitement filled her body, she had the object that she needed. Her curiosity had been feed for now.


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