In love with Deano

i wrote this three years ago so it is not very good.


2. ....


After school India and I walked up to the school gates. Deano was standing by there with Callum , Monty, Henry and TJ. “Leanne  , what do you want to do he’s right there shall we walk straight past him?” India whispered in my ear. “yes I think we should” I replied as we walked on.

“Leanne   we need to talk” deano said in his

                                                   husky voice as he pulled me away into private.

“we need to sort this out, I cant stand this anymore.”

“stand what?” I said softly.

“you, me, us Leanne   you and I  both know that there is no feelings between us anymore. Well, I know that  you don’t love me. On the other hand, The feelings not mutual .” he hissed

“I don’t understand deano what are you trying to say?” “don’t worry what im trying to say Leanne   you wont listen will you? Anything I say will go right over your head!  Well guess what you cant bother me anymore! Im moving to london!” he boomed.

“what?  Why?” I tried to get the words out of my mouth “ don’t deano, I lov-“

“bye Leanne  .” He cut me offf “ have a nice life.” With that he walked away I had nothing left to say other that pleading him not to go. He just didn’t understand. He had ruined my life… fighting back the tears I headedx of home and went to bed where I cried myself to sleep.




What did I have to worry about I had new amazing friends that used to be enimies, pheobe and Pixie . I am popular!



I couldn’t have been more ill. The thump,


                               thump in my head was getting more and more like dragon breath hitting petrol and exploding. Exploading, that word, it sums up  my heart and social reputation. Since deano left everyone hates me he has gone to London and everyone thinks its my fault. It aint some drama class this isnt all an act. Im just a stupi d *merde  de chienne. Excuse my french. I thought I was at the hight of popularity.

 Yesterday I was accused of hacking my so called friends account  over facespace. Katie told me to sort my life out. When I heard this I died inside. India and lilly hate me for ditching them to hang around with phobe and Pixie . That worked out diddnt it. I have no friends and I have become a total backstabbing



I do feel sorry though sorry for myself. The only way for me to realise what I am is by being bullied, mentally and physically. This hs to stop. And soon. I havent told my mum about it or my dad if they found out they would go mental. They would blame it on deano and say it is all a teenage stage and that im to young for a relationship. But maybe they are right. I cant admit that though they will think they have won. Anyway for their sake I wont be having a boyfiend again or friends for that matter oh gosh, what have I done??


Staring at the clock It is five to eight. Im early and I have to walk to school allone, it will be lonely and sad… 


Slowly getting my stuff toghethr  to cause a delay to go to school I packed my bags.chucking my bag round my shoulder an d picking up my ipod I was completely unplugged with the world nothing could disturb me now not even katie and Pixie  and with that I walked out the door. “have a nice day at scool!” mum shouted from the kitchen. I pretended that I couldn’t hear her and diddnt reply just headed off to scool as I new whatever I said about having a good day would be a lie.

As I was walking down Spirit Street katie and Pixie turned up. “what are you doing here gingie? You have a lot of nerve after

what you made deano do.” Katie hissed in her bitchlike way

“Im walking to school katie and I diddnt make deano do

anything Im as upset as you are.” I mumbled innocently.

“im walking to school” Pixie mimmiced

“oh just get a life!” I shouted as I slapped them both around the face.




Katie grabbbed my arm. “you wanna do that again bitch?”

“ ouch your hurting me! Let go!” a claimed the grip of her hand was getting tighter and tighter her fake nails digging deep it to my skin.

“no.” katie and Pixie  both screeched in there witch like calls . with that I kicked katie and she let go and I made a run for it. My bag was thumping my leg and making me unable to run very fast, so I ditched it. Litte did I know Pixie  was to my right and to my left was phoebe. They both grabbed me. “ where going to teach yo u a lesson.” They explained as they pushed me into a car. Next thing everything was black. Silenced and I was left in the cold.








1 week





2 weeks





3 weeks



Where am I? Why is it all black? I can’t see anything and all I can hear is a constant    beep



Obviously I’m somewhere. I can’t be anywhere. Where am I? I can hear someone entering to my left I feel like I’m laying down, again I ask where am I?  All I can remember is… being knocked over by a car then. Blank. “Oh I do hope she will be with us again soon” a woman wailed. The woman sounded like my mum in fact I’m pretty sure it was her I went to reach out to her but couldn’t lift up my arm was a paralyzed? Or am I dead? As question span around in my head a man spoke. “She will be fine, it’s only a coma and the doctor said there is no severe damage. But what I can’t understand is why her friends would push her in front of a car.” Dad. That was dad! My daddy!  Who I had dent seen for months speaking civilly to my mother after the divorce. Oh how happy I am. “It wasn’t her fault and the police said they will have to talk to her when she comes round incase its any thing serious.” Mum said as they both left the room again leaving me to my thoughts. 

But then it was lonely, I was alone. My thoughts where lonely and I cant move or even open my eyes.


After three more days I built up the strength to open my eyes. And a few days after that i managed to talk, I gradually got better. It felt like being a baby again learning how to do stuff all over again. It hurt; why wouldn’t it? I was hit by a car. I had made it away with only a broken leg and slipped disks but the accident left me in a coma for three weeks. Mum haD found out about the bullying and is making me move schools one in the next town which means moving house, I’m actually quite thankful for this, i may seem mad, but i see it as a new start.


When i finally got home it was the last day in the old house everything was in boxes. Except the home phone and sofas. I managed to build up the corage to phone India, and stand up for myself. She had left a nasty voice mail for me saying i had been bitching about her ect ect. I wanted answers. I picked up the phone and dialled her mobile number.



"What do you want" India boomed

"To see if your gunna tell us who Said it and to explain that we r gunna get the wrong idea if out of the blue you bitch about me when I've done nothing wrong oh yeah I know about what u said!" I wailed

"Where are you now? Deano text me we at doc pond and I’m with Monty and Lilly" she spitefully hissed

"Home" I said with no emotion in my voice sharp and quick like ripping of a plaster.


"I'm at home and not coming out come over of u really want we r with Katie and Pixie the parties already started"

"Why are you telling me?" she questioned

"you asked!"


"You said Where are you now? Deano tex me we at doc pond and I'm with Monty and lilly"

"Right ho dear"

"What Is wrong with u u turn on us for no reason cant u take What u dish out no offence!?" I shouted

"What Is wrong with u u turn on us for no reason cant u take What u dish out no offence!?" she mimicked

"that’s just babyish if u can't take what u dish out to us then don’t expect us not to retaliate whoever your showing of to would probably think the same in our position!" I was shouting louder

" why do I care?!"

"what is your problem?!"

"you" she hissed

"Says u! I thought It was Coz u couldn't get ur own way. People r ignoring u well who phoned you the only thing I've done wrong is retaliate u should expect that if your  gunna be a bitch to me" I hissed "Oh and r u still at the pond Coz if u want to see me u will have a long wait"

"What apart from what you all said about me! Oh and I know about you being hit by a car u deserved it, your just a clumsy ginger freak!"

"What did we say then, what's your evidence oh I forgot u don't have any!" I screamed as I hung up.

Ok I lied about not being alone but it was only a little one will that hurt?


Answer- yes. She hates me even more. Note to self don’t lie.  Hello new school. Goodbye old.



I woke up bright and early in my new school uniform, crutches and a cast on my leg. I was not going to get anymore than the pathetic oh what happened and I hope your ok’s from the whole of my new school. What will I tell them? I can’t say what really happened can I? Being driven to school by mum and dad was nice. It felt like we where a family again. Mylie refused to move schools so she now gets the bus to school; she was ok with moving house though. There is a fit boy living next door. I see why.

As we parked the car and I hopped along to the school gates the place looked deserted. No one was in the playground, this place I won’t enjoy. 

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