In love with Deano

i wrote this three years ago so it is not very good.


1. ...



It was Friday and I was waiting for the bell to go off. I was half way down the stairs when Mrs. Henderson called out in her evil screechy voice that sent shivers down everyones spine                                               “Letters!

                                                          …Letters!”  So I trudged back up the dusty stair way. I grabbed the letter out of her frail witch like hands and couldn’t’t be bothered to read it so I threw it straight in to my bag.

When I got home that evening my sister Mylie was totally siked at the letter so I decided to read it, it said: Disco coming in three weeks two pound entrance 20p drinks and snacks.


After reading this I ran straight up to my wardrobe. I don’t know why, don’t ask me, I didn’t even want to go to the stupid thing. But me being me I looked. It was full of stupid hand-me-down clothes. There was one dress which I loved but I was to skinny so it wouldn’t’t fit. I ran down stairs but when I got to the last step I heard my mum….                  ….crying.



“Be quiet Leanne!” shouted my older sister “mums had an argument with dad” I ran in to the kitchen and there was mum             

          …..sprawled over the floor with a cut on her cheek…


                             …  It was obvious something wasn’t right.


Mylie and I helped mum up.


“Mum what happened?” Mylie asked.

 “Well it all started when I found out dad was moving out. I asked why and he said he didn’t want to live with us any more so I told him he would have to pay half the rent then he hit me and it started to bleed. You know I can’t stand blood so I fainted and he called and said the judge would decide about him paying half the rent so that’s where it ended” mum busted out in tears again.


That night I called my best mates India and Lilly. I told them how I had nothing to where and about mum and dad and they offered to take me out  to lakeside one week before the disco ( which was 2 weeks away) that night I prepared my stuff for school and read my book for about 2 hours when I fell asleep with my Book over my eyes.


 The next morning, I woke up and realized I was really late for school. Mum couldn’t be bothered to get up and make breakfast so I …starved and ran out the door. I met India at the front gate Lilly was off sick so we walked straight up to the class room and saw Deano. One of the most popular boys in the school …and he was crying his heart out.

“What’s wrong, why are you crying?” I asked

“ well this morning I found out that C.D passed away last night and that he was getting better but it hit him so bad …..he went towards the light” Deano busted out in tears again I put my arm round his back and said “it will be alright just don’t think about it” so with that he dried his tears with the back of his hand and stood up but before I could say another word Mrs. Henderson the math’s teacher and unfortunately my form tutor from hell yelled “WHAT ARE YOU THREE DOING!!”

“Shut up Mrs. Henderson Deano is in grief about his friends death,” Both I and India smacked are gobs with shock. I could see the anger flaming out Mrs. Henderson’s ears. “LEANNE, INDIA, DETENTION!”

“Leave them alone they were just trying to help!”


That evening after school Katie gave Deano a kiss and said that she was not going to the disco. Then she skipped off singing in her head as usual.

“I’m going with Callum” whispered Katie to Pixie I was the only one who had heard but I wasn’t going to be a blabber mouth and tell.


After an hour in boring old detention Deano and I exchanged phone numbers and he said I was the savior off the day.

We both walked up to the park and I text my mum saying I would be home at six for tea because I was playing out I wasn’t going to tell her about the detention and Deano and India did the same when we came to the park we sat on the swings and chatted until we had to go home which I really didn’t want to do as I was starting to really like Deano.


It is the weekend and unfortunately I had absolutely nothing to do apart from my home work and like I was going to it. Suddenly a loud Brrrrrr came from the phone. I reached for my phone and pressed READ the message said: Leanne   can you meet me in lakeside in a minuet?


So I turned on my side and replied. I got dressed straight away in my leggings, and rah rah skirt and green top which said                                               losing is for losers!

I rushed out the door but as I did so mum called “will you be back for tea?” I shrugged and rushed out.

When I was on the bus I texted deano and told him I was on my way and I would meet him outside fat face. Once I got of the bus I ran over to fat face and saw Deano waving at me

As I approached I realized something had changed about him

He was actually smiling and looked rather happy.

“Are you alright?”  He asked                                     

“Yeah I’m good, you?”

“Same I just want to tell you that I really like you and I thought I could tell you something I could never tell anyone before.”


                            “I think… 

                                                         …. I …      love you!”

I gasped and went a little light headed.


“Yeah really”

“Well I have something to tell you… Katie is...


                                                                            Cheating on you!”

This time it was his turn to go a little light headed, but instead, He sighed and said that he new it from when they started dating and that he was going to dump her any way. We walked to lots of other shops before Deano had to go home I thought that if I was here I better look at some disco dresses so I know which one to buy when I go with India and Lilly and walked over to next where I saw the most beautiful dress In the window and decided to see how much it was.


It was thirty pounds with shoes and accessories with it but it only had my size in order next week so that would be fine I put a deposit on it and decided to get it when I go shopping next and went home; to beg my mum for the money.

When I got home Mylie was on the phone to her boyfriend Carl in her room so I tiptoed up the stairs and put my ear on her bedroom door and listened to her conversation,

“Carl, can I ask you something?” Mylie asked over the phone he obviously said yes as she went on “will you dance with me at the disco?” she mumbled “yes! Ok gota go I think my mums home bye” 

After hearing this I ran down stairs and shouted anyone home before she opened her door.

“Yes who is it?” Mylie asked

“Me you idiot!” I shouted

“Ok ok no need to shout Leanne!”

About an hour later mum came home and made dinner after dinner I got my stuff ready for school and went to beg my mum for the money for the dress.

“Mum…“ I said adding persuasion in to my voice tone

         “What do you want Leanne? I’m a bit busy right now!” mum shouted

                  “I was just wondering if I could have £3o for my new-”



“Leanne   no now bugger off I am doing something!” how rude is she with her appalling language she cant even give her own daughter £30 how insulting with that I went in to the living room and, watched football on my own until I fell asleep on the                                  




We were back at school I thought that it was quite a good day. Unfortunately Deano’s smile had vanished but at least he tried to smile.


At the end of the school day I heard a conversation between Deano and Callum.

“Callum you know I am going out with her!”

“So” he replied “you’re not the only one!”

“Anyway tell her she      …and I are over!”

“Fine she will totally be relieved!” said Callum “I will also tell her that her ex got beaten up by me!”

Then Callum leapt on Deano and they started hitting each other I couldn’t’t bear to watch so I ran as fast as I could until I got back.

Mum was strangely happy when I arrived breathless at home and told me she was making cookies just like she used to. I thought something was a bit strange so I decided to go detective Leanne   and take a look around.

I walked in to the dining room and there was a back pack on the table I thought there was something going on as I had never seen that bag before but that wasn’t what worried me the fakt that it was a mans though was.

 The next room I looked in was the front room and on the sofa was a man mum was kissing him he was obviously her boyfriend I didn’t care that much. Though.

I ran up stairs thinking that if I had not told Deano then he wouldn’t’t have got beaten up by Callum. Suddenly my phone started to vibrate and there was a message from Deano saying to meet him at the back building at eight o’clock tonight.

After a dinner that I didn’t enjoy at all with my mums boyfriend I rushed round to the back building, but instead of meeting Deano there as I thought I saw Monty in a thick leather coat and jacket “Hello Baby!” he said in a slick voice.

“Hi Monty, have you seen Deano?”

“No but that message was from me I found his phone and got your number”

I stood there gob smacked. I turned and walked away until Monty called after me “will you dance with me at the disco?”

“Yes” I said but I new I would totally regret it. I walked home and mums boyfriend was still there so I went to bed as I couldn’t’t stand being with him.

The next morning I woke up and mums boyfriend had gone gladly I can not stop thinking about what Deano said and what I said to Monty and I have decided to dump Monty. When I got to school I told India and Lilly what happened and they helped me decide on what to do. I decided to dump Monty and not go with any one unless I consult India and Lilly first. We walked up to class and looked at the time table it was math’s first my math’s teacher was unfortunately Mrs. Henderson  I got my math book and sat at a table waiting for Mylie to come over to sit next to me when Deano sat there instead.

“Hi Deano how are you?” I asked

“Fine you?”

“Same just wondering doesn’t take this offensively but why are you sitting here?” I mumbled sympathetically “Just wanted to I guess why is someone meant to sit there?” he seriously said

“no don’t move you can stay there we better get on with our math’s” with that we knuckled down and did our math’s papers after school Deano asked me if I wanted to go to the park again like the other day but sadly I had say no because I had to go home early for another un special dinner with

                             Mums boyfriend and walked home taking my time.  When I got home my mum had the dining room all set up for a special and spectacular dinner but to my surprise it was pizza and like normal I fell asleep of boredom in it.



It’s the morning and I am half asleep I could not stop thinking about the fight and my mums boyfriend who has not gone home yet unfortunately.

This Saturday I am getting my disco dress and hopefully it’s going to look FAB!!!!! If I can get the money that is.


I went down stairs with                             

                                      my bra all tangled up at the back it was very irritating and I kept trying to un tangle it when mums boyfriend was looking at me confused I went as red as a tomato  and ran out the door taking my toast with me to  Lilly’s house where her and India were waiting for me I looked at my watch and realized I was late so I sprinted there when I got to Lilly’s I was out off breath and they stood outside watching me pant “Where have you been your late we where thinking you weren’t’t going to come?” Lilly moaned she was famous for her moaning and her nickname was moana


“Sorry- hu - I - hu- slept- hu - in - hu” I panted

“That’s ok don’t listen to Mona” said India softly we walked up to school and standing at the gate was Monty holding                   a bunch

                                       of rulers “hear you go,” he said giving the rulers to me they did dent look like a bouquet of flowers to me but I didn’t want to look un grateful and so said thank you for them and walked up to class I don’t know why he gave them to me as we were no longer going out maybe he was just trying to say sorry for being a weirdo. We walked up the stairs and into the classroom. Today art was first thing on the time table I love art as Mrs. Henderson sin’t our teacher and because it’s the best time to play 21 dares but unfortunately for me and Deano Phoebe, Pixie and Monty where on our table. India and Lilly and I split ways when Deano came and walked with me to art class having a chat I really think that I love him to now as when were apart I’m desperate for us to be together again when we got to art we both sat down in our seats and waited for class to start.

“Who wants to play 21 dears?” Katie whispered to our table we all agreed to play and Monty got twenty one it was Phoebes go to make up a dare first “Monty your dare is to kiss LEANNE!!” Katie said both Deano and I went red with embarrassment but Monty seemed to be happy at his dare and lent forward to kiss me when I splattered him with pink paint.


“LEANNE   WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Mrs. Watson shouted

“Monty was trying to kiss me and I was a bit scared of his hairy mouth miss” I answered

“Ok but you have an after school detention!”  After detention I noticed that deano was waiting for me at the front gate and he walked me home and said he would pick me up before school tomorrow I put my rulers from Monty in the bin and walked over to the park where I met India and Lilly

“Hi guys!” I shouted over to them

“Hi!” they both shouted back

“You will never guess what just happened”

“Justin is shooting a music video down the block I new it!” shouted Lilly running down the block before I could answer so I turned to the wise owl India and said “well no not that but has she gone mad?”

“No she was always like that so what’s happened tell me” India said enthusiastically

“Well you no me and Deano have become friends…”


“well after my detention I noticed he was waiting for me outside the front gate and he walked me home but when we got to my house he said he would pick me up before school tomorrow and then he walked of before I could answer so I hope that’s ok with you two”

“Yeah that’s fine I won’t break up a starting relationship”

“You think that where at a start of a relationship?”

“Well the other day he said he thinks he loves you then he walks you home and the way he looks at you I’ve seen it is                 defiantly ….

                                               the start of a relationship!” after chatting for a wile I headed of home and did some of my dreaded homework whilst thinking of what India said dose Deano really want to go out with me a ginger head idiot ….                                                                       …as Katie and Pixie call me?

I woke up the next morning with a moan saying that it was snowing from my sister and the swearing from my mum who was out side trying to start the car to get to work but was not succeeding.

I was the only one in the house that was pleased about it snowing and was going to call deano and ask for him to come round to play with me, unlike my sister I still had the child within me and wanted to play in the snow. I picked up the phone and dialed Deano’s home number,

“Hello who is it” Deano’s mum asked

“Hi its Leanne   is Deano able to talk?” I answered

“Oh hi Leanne   I will pass you straight on to him”


“Hi Leanne” Deano said brightly

“Hi Deano do you want to come round in a minuet?” I asked

“Sure I will be there in about fifteen minuets I was going to ask to meet up anyway I want to ask you something bye!”

“Bye!” I said putting the phone down.

I got dressed and went down stairs when the door bell rang it was deano with I box of pancakes and two hot chocolates I let him in and he gave me a hot chocolate and asked for two plates I gave them two him and we sat down eating the pancakes.

“Leanne   you know on the phone I said I needed to ask you something”


“Will you go out with me?” he asked

“Yes why not Deano can I ask you to put you gloves and coat on and go out side” I answered

“Yes why?”

“just do it I will do it to” Deano and I put on our gloves and coats and stepped out side “right now turn around” and as he did so I picked up a ball of snow and said turn back around when he did I chucked the snow ball at him and ran away with him following with another snow ball.


After a few hours playing in the snow me and deano sat on the sofa and chatted for a wile till his mum called and said she wanted him home to help her with the Christmas tree mines is already up but who cares if you put them up early.


After Deano left  I decided to go and get myself a chocolate muffin and another hot chocolate but rudely my sister and her boyfriend stole the sofa and they weren’t’t even watching chav TV how disgraceful what they where doing was; snogging!!!

Brilliant not!!!!!


Not wanting to start an argument with her I went upstairs and read my book and wondered if school was going to be on or not tomorrow because I wanted another wonderful day like today but either way I would see deano and kiss him that’s was my plan.


I read and read till my eyes could no longer open but it was a good thing to because I had finished the book I was just reading the same page over and over again but with that I fell asleep with out dinner even though I was stuffed with all the pancakes and muffins I had eaten.




I woke up at 6am this morning I will defiantly not be late for school if it’s on so I went down stairs and had my usual bowl of cereal and watched TV for an hour. After I had had my shower I decided to go wake mum up and ask her if she wanted a coffee, but, she wasn’t there, all there was, was a note on the bed saying:



I no you wouldn’t’t have been up by the time I left this morning and that your to lazy to realize that my car is gone. But anyway I’ve gone to sort out the divorce and because I wont be back till late your sisters in charge be good for her when I get back you and Mylie will have a surprise each as you’ve been so good there’s a £20 note on the counter for you to get something for yourself don’t tease your sister she has the same. Once again please, please, please be good.

Love you lots mum x  


Now thank god I nearly have the money for the dress Ill look in my piggy bank to see if there’s a £10 In there later then ill have enough but mum was right I couldn’t’t be bothered to look out the window in the morning but talking about looking out windows I’m going to go see if there’s still snow.



It’s another snow day so I got ready to go play in the snow and phoned Deano after about six rings Deano picked up “hello?”

“Hi is this Deano?” I said politely down the phone

“Yes who is this” he replied with query in his voice tone

“Its Leanne, Deano do you want to come round like yesterday?”

“well why don’t you come round mine then where even my mum and dad have gone out we could have some piece and quiet that way so what do you say my house?”

“Ok then what time should I be round?”

“How about in five minuets?”

“Ok see you then bye”

“Leanne hang on...”

“Yep what?”

“I don’t really know how to say this but-”

“Go on...”

“I love you Leanne   I’m glad you said yes see you soon bye”

Before I could answer him he hung up I couldn’t’t move I was so shocked at what he said, but I soon came round and realized I was meant to be at Deano’s in five minuets.

I ran up stairs and got my mobile before running out the door with all my snow gear on.

I ran and ran until I was out of breath by this time I was half way there and decided to walk the rest of the way I got to Deano’s house right on time but before I could knock on the door he opened it for me and gave me a kiss in the publics full view we where proper boyfriend          and girlfriend if he could do that with no hesitation.

He walked me in and we sat down on the sofa we talked then we kissed then we talked then we kissed some more then we talked and then he pulled me up of the sofa and snogged  me  without breath for two minuets until he stopped and said “you are mine Leanne   I love you do you love me?” after that I went a little bit light headed and put my hands on his cheeks and said “I love you to” It was a pure romantic day but  sadly after two hours of playing in the snow  I got a call from Mylie the     

Almighty sister in charge and said that I should be home straight away because I didn’t ask her if I could go out.

Deano and I arranged a date for tomorrow before I left his house the arrangements where he was going to pick me up and take me for dinner at six pm




After a long lecture from Mylie about her being in charge and that means not going out without her permission mum came home with two really big boxes in her hands “you two

Stop arguing and sit on the sofa or you both wont get your

                                                                  Surprises’ we sat down and mum came in with the boxes “first ill give Mylie hers Mylie here you go-” mum said handing the smaller of the two boxes to Mylie.

Mylie opened the box as quick as she possibly could and inside…

                            … was a kitten “Ahh thanks mum!” she shouted and hugged her “ill name it willow as it’s a girl” Mylie has always wanted a cat ever since she was little but dad wouldn’t’t let her but she’s got one now.

“good name now there you go Leanne” mum said handing the box over to me I could hear sniffing as I opened the box and there inside was a grey puppy with big floppy ears a Weimaraner puppy to be exact it is so cute “thanks mum I’ve always wanted a puppy how did you know this is my favorite breed!”

“Lucky guess what are you going to call him?”

“Let me think…” I thought for a little bit then came up with a name “how about Harley!”

“good name right I am going  to bed now girls  your pets can sleep in your rooms ill take there beds up and put newspaper down the breeder said they are already newspaper trained that’s good now we only have to train them to go outside for a piss and a shit” she shouted as she was leaving the room.

I took Harley up into my room and put him on his bed.

He fell asleep very quickly and with that I decided to go to bed.




It’s the morning and I woke up with Harley liking my forehead I picked him up and took him down stairs with mum and fed him then quickly going upstairs to put new newspaper down and clean up the dirty one that he had weed on. It’s              so disgusting

                                                         I didn’t sign up for this it’s a good thing he is cute!  I’ve been playing with Harley all day he’s such an idiot really he is he just ran into a radiator it was so funny but he is looking a bit dizzy now but mum has said that I can get ready to go on my date now and she will look after him I ran upstairs and got my clothes on reasonably nice ones at that.  I got my makeup bag out of the wardrobe and started doing it, foundation first then eye shadow next mascara (bad gal blue my fave!) now eyeliner and finally lip gloss, all done.


Right I’m all ready and its six  o’clock I will sit on the stairs until he comes and knocks on the door Harleys going mad he is my little dressage horse well he isn’t little anymore I just found out this morning and he is 8 weeks old and twice the size he should be its now 6:15 god he is late I will just wait on the sofa for a bit longer before I start worrying because sitting on the stairs is giving me but cramp now ouch  sore but sore but!



Is now 7pm it’s not likely he’s coming I got all dressed up to be ditched how utterly amazing but lets not jump to conclusions he could have forgotten ill go to his house and see…


…I’m walking down my street and just getting round to the corner I can see a couple snogging in the background it looks like Katie and who’s that with her Omg! Its, its DEANO! I ran crying over to them and slapped deano “how could you, you said you loved me now your snogging that tart where meant to be on a date don’t ever talk to me again!”

“But Leanne   it’s not what it looks like...”

“Save it deano where OVER!”

I ran home as fast as I could but when I got home there wasn’t anymore good news apparently the divorce is tomorrow I didn’t say anything I just took Harley and ran upstairs crying to my bed but first I will phone my bezzies India and Lilly.


Today is the day and I am absolutely miserable and any thing bad that could happen in my mind has happened to me. I phoned India and Lilly yesterday they said they would come round later.

I keep getting messages from Deano which I am ignoring, all they are saying is sorry for yesterday  and that it wasn’t what it looked like.



A loud ding dong came from my door it was likely to be India and Lilly but the face I saw as I opened the door was deano dressed ready for school with chocolates and  a bunch of flowers  “can I come in?” Deano asked sadly    

I let him in without saying a word I was going to give him the silent treatment we walked up to my room and sat on my bed

         “Right I am sorry will you forgive me?” he moped I didn’t answer a think he realized that I was not in the mood to talk to him right now. “if your not going to talk to me I guess I will have to explain what happened I was walking to yours to pick you up for our date when Katie came over and snogged me to make you             jealous

                                                          to I have to say any more?” I didn’t’ answer

“ I guess I do, after you ran off katie phoned Callum and said that I snogged her and he came over from where  ever he has rather quickly and  hit me that explains the black eye I have” he said pointing at his eye

“well are going to school? I guess not as you are not dressed for it  I will come round at four to talk  if I don’t get detention again see you later bye,” he shouted leaving  my room.  

I hate him I really do he’s a two timing sniveling idiot and I don’t love him anymore he can shove his  poxy flowers and cover story up himself  but not his chocolates I’m going to eat them to cover my pain I no I said he’s the best boyfriend anyone could ever have but I think that he is a git now  and  I hate him .

I ripped up his flowers like he did my heart and chucked them out the window I couldn’t handle this I am going to get my puppy.


Harley was eating his dinner so I waited for him to finish then I picked  him up with two hands one on his bum and one supporting his belly like I had been shown how to by mum. As we walked passed Mylie’S kitten, Harley growled but I told him of even though the cat probably deserved it or should I say willow deserved it; as Mylie keeps reminding me  but honest to god who would name a ginger kitten after a tree trees are brown not orange I would have called her  something like…  Meow Meow but that says everything mainly that I’m totally retarded I rest my case!


God! Harley just pissed on my bed what a way to cheer me up after a bad weekend thank you Harley NOT! My heart is in disrepair; its not fixable and it is neglected. I’m hugging Harley to death so he can make me feel better but its not working he keeps wriggling to get out of my arms but its not likely ill let him go any time soon.

OUCH! He just bit me ill let him go now; as I let go Harley trotted of like a dressage horse out of my                             room walking into the door on the way, he’s such an idiot!


Mums gone off for the divorce and Mylie has chosen to go to school that explains that she’s a total goodie two shoes but I chose to stay at home not because I’m to upset about the divorce like mum thinks, but mainly because if I went to school today I probably wouldn’t be able to stop myself punching katie and Deano’s faces in. so I am stuck at home with the tree cat and the idiot dog of mine I am shore that he has some kind of problem or it’s a natural thing, but its probably where he keeps running into things at full pelt and hitting his head I must take him to see the vet. Later. Or maybe not.


Mums home and she has just given me a lecture about my birthday I completely forgot that it was soon because of the deano mc cheat problamo. Talking of deano I think I may have just given him a second chance when he came over a few minuets before mum got back. India and Lilly popped round for a bit as well and we talked and they said to give him another chance so its all their fault I’m going to go to bed its been a


         Chocolate                                                                                                    and heartbreaking 

                                      Filled                                                                                                                   day!


 “Tidy up everyone its home time and I want to hand out the letters” Mrs Henderson screeched in her evil voice witch she was losing thank god “LEANNE   COME HERE AND GET YOUR LETTER OR DETENTION” Mrs Henderson shouted using the rest of her voice.

 I trudged over to her and took the letter strait out of her hands and stomped down the stairs reading it.

“Leanne   Leanne   wait” it was Deano. I stopped and waited at the bottom of the stairs until he came he had an envelope with him but why surely it wasn’t another apology for the other night couldn’t he just leave me alone I’ve all ready given him a second chance.                                                                                                                         

“Leanne   here this is for you Callum told me to give it to you” I took the letter out his hands and read it carefully it was an invite to his birthday party.

“If that letter is saying he wants to go out with you I will thump him” Deano said trying to look tough

“No no it is just an invite to his party that’s all” I calmingly replied trying not to thump him for being a total git.

“Ok see you later gota go” Deano said less toughly but he was still showing of a bit.




when I got home I ran up stairs to my room I had to get ready to see deano for our date in an hour then my mum came in to my room I got myself ready for another lecher about my birthday next week and who I will stay with her or dad I obviously had to chose the divorcee was only yesterday and she has totally blanked him out already.


After the long lecture about my birthday I decided I will spend it round my friends mum wasn’t happy about it so before I got told of very badly I got my bag and headed to the door and left.

I walked to the bus stop tripping up on the heal of my boots when I saw Lilly and her boyfriend Trevor there.

“Lilly, Trevor what are you doing here?” I said friendly

“We are going out to dinner how about you?” Lilly said probably hoping I would go away soon “same with Deano though I’ve given him another reason but only god almighty no’s why got to go I’m late bye” I walked of after saying that. I stepped on to the bus and sat on one of the rusty seats that were                                                                        DISGUSTING!

I sat waiting for my stop after 10 minuets I got of the bus and ran into lakeside I was late for my date but who cares he isn’t worth it yeah we snogged and yeah it made my heart melt but in over him now so blah, blah, blah!

I ran and ran till I got to the restaurant were I was meant to meet Deano I saw him then as I was just about to call his                                     name………..


 When A girl came over and he kissed her my heart stopped it was Alex one of my friends cheating on my boyfriend half in tears I walked over to them.

“Deano how could you, you said there was going to be no more cheating after the incident the other night with phoebe!” I whimpered

“Leanne   you’re here um this is not what it looks like” they said shakily

“SAVE IT DEANO YOUR DUMPED AGAIN AND ALEX HOW COULD YOU” I shouted and walked of before they cold say any thing else

I  waited for the next bus and called India the bus was down the street about two minuets away I think just enough time for a phone call “hello”

“Hi India it’s Leanne  ”

“Ah Leanne   how’s the date?”

“Awful I dumped Deano”

“Why Leanne   where are you I am coming to see you”

“lake side..” the phone cut of before I could tell her what happened I walked scuffing my feet to the entrance of lake side when India came running over I started telling her what happened and we went home to hers I slept over hers that night but all I could think and dream about was Deano…….

                                                                  and Alex kissing.  


Its  time for school and I am not looking forward to it Deano, katie and  Alex will be there but I had to go so  I sulkily trudged  out India’s bright blue door with her by my side. we walked over to Lilly’s door we knocked on it like normal and Lilly’s mum opened the door  “Is Lilly there?” we asked kindly

“Sorry no she is round Trevor’s he is taking her to school today bye” she said closing the door behind her.

“Well let’s get to school then” I moaned

“ok Leanne   but stop moaning” India was probably getting annoyed so I shut up and started walking to school we got to the front gate and I saw Deano with chocies and a envelope in his hands I walked strait past him I wasn’t going to take the bate this time.

“Leanne    wait I am sorry about last night Leanne   wait…” Deano called out  as I walked over to Lilly with India “shut up Deano shut up nothing even sorry can change that you are a two time two timer” I blurted out so loudly that every kid in the play ground could here. Callum turned an looked at me I was half in tears then at Deano Callum was up to something   then in two seconds a fight had started between Callum and Deano I was absolutely  shocked  I had started it so I had to finish it so I jumped in to the fight then Mr Jones the head Teacher came out we all went silent the fight stopped “Ahh” I shouted in pain my arm hurt terribly

“GET AN AMBULANCE QUICK LEANNE ’S IN BAD PAIN!” Mr Jones shouted as loud as he could


soon as he said this my heart felt as it had broke an ambulance my mum and my dad spells trouble I started getting more and more tiered and the voices getting more quiet every second that passes then silence was I dead?  no I had fainted.


“Leanne   your in the ambulance can you here me Leanne  ?” the soft voice of the paramedic whispered in my ear I opened my eyes I was in a ambulance and  the person in the world I wanted most was surprisingly Callum not my mum or dad just Callum.



After ten minuets in the ambulance we got to the hospital and I was pushed with my stretcher to a ward where a doctor my mum dad and sis Mylie were waiting.

After an hour I got taken to an x-ray room  were I got checked for head damage and arm damage luckily I had no head damage but unluckily I had serious damage to my left arm I had broken it in several places to bad it wasn’t my right one.


 It is now Saturday and  it had been a day since I broke my arm India and Lilly came to see me earlier they bought me flowers and said that Deano was wanting to see me I said he could but I wasn’t going to forgive him for him kissing Alex on Thursday evening and Katie Wednesday evening.   he hasn’t came to see me yet. I was lying on the unmoveable hospital bed asking why I got in to the fight any way when the nurse came in   “Miss Leanne   you have a guest shall they come in?” the nurse asked “may as well” I mumbled.


Two minuets later Callum came in with chocolates, flowers and a card. He walked over a sat next to me and gave me the stuff “hi you look very sad” he was the only one who had realised; I new as he said that.

 “I am but tomorrow I get to go home I hope” I said

“that good  Leanne can I ask you something?”

“Yes of course what?”

Will….” Callum began to say when he was interrupted

by my nurse saying visiting time was over so he said good bye and left  I sat there beginning to wonder again about if my life and if it was every thing I wanted that would be grate.

Then doctor came in interrupting my thoughts.

“Hello Leanne   how’s your arm? hurting?” he asked

“no, thanks for asking though” I replied ungratefully  the doctor left after that nothing else happened in till two hours later when the doctor came back in with my parents saying I will be going to school tomorrow but late as I will be going home at eleven fifteen from hospital I smiled after the good news as I new Callum  was going to tell me something good I hope I slept like a log that night.





I am back at school and its play time tingalingaling that was the bell brake time was over and I had only just got to the front gate no one new I was here. I could have ran for it but I didn’t I couldn’t run anyway I walked over to the office were I signed in for lunch and to say why I was late but I think they could have figured that out for there selves as I had a bloody grate cast on my arm.

I walked up the dusty stairwell where Mrs evils class (Mrs Henderson’s class mine to) was there was a tiny creak as the door opened Mrs EVIL heard though she could here everything excepted thoughts she was a witch “LEANNE   WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN” she shouted my good luck had gone she had her voice back

“I have been in hospital see I have broke my arm” I mumbled loudly pointing at my cast

“OK BUT GET TO WORK SIT NEXT TO ANNE SHE WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO” Mrs Henderson shouted she new I sometimes didn’t get along with Anne I put my smiley face bag on my peg and sat on the cold empty chair next to Anne she gave me my book and told me what to do it was a boring lesson. About an hour later it was lunch time I went over to Callum thinking that I was going to ask him if he would go out with me

I walked over to were Callum was meant to be when I saw him an katie kissing I thought they broke up ages ago but obviously not. I decided to walk strait past him and her and him  but as I turned round he was calling after me “Leanne   wait come here” I walked over to him and saw katie crying she had walked of “how’s your arm ?” he asked “fine whys katie crying” I declared

“I just dumped her she isn’t my type any more” He mumbled loud enough so I could hear

“Oh” I said trying not to sound happy “Leanne   can I walk you home this evening?” he asked

“Yes of cores you can” I said

Tingalingaling lunch was over but I had art next that was good I wasn't with Mrs Henderson yey and we are changing tables so it will be fun.

I walked up the stairs with India to Mrs Dannie’s class room “afternoon class take any seat you like today that will be your place this term” I sat down next to India and saggy came and sat opposite me with Deano

“Today class you have to do a sketch of your favourite animal” Mrs Dannie announced to the class we all started sketching.

“Do you want to play 21 dares” India announced to our table “ok” all thee of us said at once “Callum you first your dear is to kiss Leanne   on the lips!” India proposed.

“Ok” Callum mumbled happily and got closer and closer to my lips then they touched and after two seconds his lips parted mine I was delighted on this dare but Deano wasn’t

 we carried on playing and lots more things happened but not as good as the kiss I had finished my picture and it was time to go home Callum got my bag for me and we walked out of school together my  arm was no longer hurting badly and we went to the park “Leanne   can I ask you something?”

“yes what” I replied to Callum sitting on the swing

“will you go out with me” I was gob smacked as he said this and replied “Yes I will” and with that he walked me home and we exchanged phone numbers I got to my front door and me and Callum kissed for about three minuets when the door opened and standing watching me and Callum depart was my sister Mylie I walked inside and she went out and Callum went home it was the best day of my life so far this year.



It’s the weekend and I am doing my home work BORING!!! When a loud brrrrrr came from my phone it said


Leanne  , meet me at the park about now if u can


Callum xxx

I put on my jacket and put Harley on lead we ran out the door to the park and there was Callum sitting on the swing waiting for me I walked over to him and gave him a kiss we walked over to the fields where he set up a picnic. There were mini pasties and more Harley was playing around with his tail biting it and chasing it round in circles we where having a grate time. “Leanne   I want to give you this necklace it says your name on one side of the heart and on the other mine” he said giving my present to me


I took the necklace and put it on we talked and talked till our throats hurt after lunch Callum took me to the fun fair we walked around till I saw the love both and we ran towards it Callum paid for the ride and we got on the boat with Harley and it sailed us inside the ride “Leanne   are you enjoying our first date I am” Callum happily said

“Yes I am” I replied

Callum walked me home. When we got to my door Callum gave me a little kiss and went. I ran in and on to my bed and finished my home work as it was due Monday Harley sat on my bed and had a nap we had tired him out. I couldn’t concentrate on my homework though because I was totally siked about Callum and my birthday tomorrow.



 It’s my birthday and I am spending it with India and Lilly. I’ve got a new watch from Mylie and a new IPod from mum and a new laptop from dad. But I am having a party so there is more presents to come.


It was about 9 o'clock in the morning when the door bell rang.

“hi India?” I asked “where Lilly?”

“happy birthday Leanne   your finally 13, oh and about Lilly she's with Trevor again she said shell be round later but we can still have fun for know cant we?”

“yeah shore but I think Lilly should be hear she's spending to much time with Trevor isn’t she. are you ready to set that hall up ready for my   massive sweet         thirteenth?”

“yeah lets get this party started!” India shouted

“right ill get my coat my mums all ready there common Ill bring Harley its going to be a total laugh” I said grabbing my coat and Harley on his lead. We ran out the door and towards the club and started stetting it up there was loads of things everywhere after about 4 hours my mum told us to go home and get ready whilst she finished up here and she would look after Harley. So we went to mine and went to my room to get ready. “ Leanne  ” India asked


“I was just wondering how many people did you invite to your sweet sixteen?”

“about sixty people why?”

“because isn’t deano still invited as you sent the invitations before you broke up and you also invited Callum so wont that be a bit of a problem?”

“ oh crap I did didn’t I you have a point they are going to have a big fight aren’t they Ahh!”

“ well you could always keep Callum with you  as he is your boyfriend so he wont mind  which means that he wont go near Deano problem solved”

“ yeah ill do that good thinking India”


We talked and talked whilst we got ready for the party and finally we where ready and set of to my party when we got there I was bombarded by people but the sight I saw had to be horrible deano,                  phoebe, Pixie  and Callum In one corner of the room  ganging up on each other with India and Lilly at my side we walked over towards them and interrupted there little fight deano pulled me towards him kissed me on the cheek and said “happy birthday Leanne  !” I didn’t answer I could see the anger flaming in Callum‘s  yes I slapped deano and then it happened  Callum leaped at deano hitting him and deano retaliating did the same using my good arm I parted them both and                        took Callum by the arm and snogged him and  said it was ok and took him over to dance with me deano looked like he was about to cry he gave me a little box and a card  with that he left with a tear down his cheek I couldn’t help but feel guilty throughout the evening but I didn’t show that they both had ruined my evening.


When I got home all the  presents where scattered in my room sixty of them I hadn’t opened any yet the only two on my bed where the ones from deano and Callum  I lifted them both up and  put the one from Callum down and opened the one from deano.  Inside the little box was a bracelet with a tag on it which had a note engraved onto it. It said: you are mine Leanne   I love you do you love me?  With love deano xxx


Tears running down my cheek I put the bracelet on and  opened the card inside it was blank but there was a piece of paper inside the envelope which also had a note on 


Leanne  ,

I few days a go I said I love you and asked if you love me to you said you do. I know you wont give me second chance which is why the cad is blank I couldn’t think of any thing to say other than Leanne   I’m sorry for all I’ve done, I’ve messed you about many times you cant really see how sorry I am I  now you wont forgive me. I do no you wont so have a nice relationship with Callum he is lucky to have you I hope he doesn’t blow it like I did .

Deano xx


With that I cried myself to  sleep I really still do love him.



I got a text from Callum this morning telling me to meet me at the park he had something important to say so I put my skinny jeans on and a shirt and walked Harley to the park  Callum was sitting on the swings he wasn’t happy you could tell by his face he came over to me and took my hand “ common walk with me” he said softly in my ear  we walked over to the fields  and talked “so what do you want to talk to me about?” I asked

“deano when he kissed you last night-” I stopped him in mid sentence  and said

“it was nothing Callum”

“ no it wasn’t when he kissed you the expression on yours and his face it showed true love I want you to chose”

“chose what Callum? What are you saying?”

“ I’m saying you have to chose me or him don’t answer this ill give you until tonight to think about this then text me the answer” he said glumly  and kissed me on the cheek and walked of I sat on the grass thinking on who to chose who I loved more I loved deano he was fun to be with good personality romantic good looking but could he be trusted? Callum he is loyal


                                                                            and popular but gets angry quickly I just walked Harley back home and phoned India and Lilly.


They both told me to go with deano but follow my heart I looked at  the necklace Callum gave me and the bracelet deano gave me who should I chose? the disco is tomorrow. After a wile I decided I’m going to ask deano for a second chance and ill text Callum and tell him my answer to his question…



Deano said yes and I’m going to the disco with him

It is the disco night and I am waiting for the bell to go off. I was half way down the stairs when deano called my name and said to wait for him at the bottom of the stairs. “ Leanne   do you ant me to pick you up and take you to the disco” deano asked

“yeah sure pick me up at seven  go to go bye” I said  and gave him a kiss and ran to catch up with India and Lilly. “ so what time is he picking you up?” India asked

“ how do you know he is picking me up? and the answer is seven”

“we just guessed” Lilly said

We talked and talked all the way home. When I got home I had my dinner and got ready mums boyfriend was round so I stayed up stairs all evening.


Its seven o’clock and deano has just arrived  I let him in and my embarrassing mother took photos after that we set of to school for the disco. “you look really pretty tonight and I see you are wearing the bracelet I gave you”

“thanks you look very nice to and I love the bracelet thanks”


When we got to the disco it was absolutely packed everyone was there Callum was snogging katie and Lilly                                                                                                                                                     was snogging Trevor. The hall was covered in      gleaming lights people where everywhere colours flying across the room it was going to be a night to remember. Deano lead me to India and Lilly with there boyfriends and we started dancing and chatting all evening. And then it was time for the last dance, the slow dance deano took my waist and we started dancing It was                                         utterly magical at the end of the song we kissed and deano walked me home “Leanne  ” he whispered as we walked to mine.

“yeah” I said softly

“I no you have answered this question before but do you love me truthfully after all I’ve done to you over this past week? You didn’t just give me another chance because you wanted a date for the disco this evening?” after saying this he fiddled with my bracelet for a wile. It was dead silent until he spoke again “ well Leanne   do you love me?” I did I really did but I was speechless I couldn’t talk “well I guess you did use me Leanne   I love you but if you don’t feel the same way about me then there’s no point being in a relationship so se ya at school” he said with tears in his eyes as he walked away.

“deano wait I…”

“save it Leanne   were through!” deano shouted as he  walked away saying nothing else to me I had ruined it for both of us I have lost the one person who really did love me. It really was a night to remember. In a bad way though.

My life is officially over! And its all  because of my inconvenience to stop putting my foot in my mouth. Has lead me to

1) Losing my boyfriend.

2) My parents being separated.

3) having a dog piss on my leg.

It all started yesterday ... the disco.

Deano and i where walking home after the loveliest evening when Deano said “Leanne  .”                                                                                            “yeah” i said softly                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “I know you have answered this question before but do you love me truthfully  after all I’ve done to you over the past week?  You didn’t  just  give me another chance because you wanted a date for the disco?” I was dead silent until he spoke  again. “well Leanne   do you love me?”  I didn’t say anything i couldn’t talk. “well i guess you did use me Leanne   I love you but we cant be in a relationship if you don’t like me back now see ya!”


The thing is i do love him, i do and ever since then he has been ignoring me. But, on the lighter side I’m officially UNPOPULAR AGAIN!!!


 I’m packing my bags for a fun filled day at  high school  i saw the time out of the corner of my eye. I’m late. Again. I ran down the stairs toppled over Harley and went out the door and landed on my arse on the pavement. I met India and Lilly at the front gate of the school. Lilly was wearing school uniform like everyone else but something was missing.  her skirt. I walked up to them and sniggered “so Lilly where’s your skirt?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lilly looked down and claimed that “its right here see!” she  lifted up her shirt that revealed her belt! “bit tired where we?” i whispered as Lilly went bright red and ran of with her hands on her backside......With that India and i went up to the class of hell.


We walked into class and there was Deano. His eyes made me melt his finely tasselled hair at a chestnut brown that ugly spot. Wait, wait, wait spot! Yes. I was right in the middle of his forehead was a mahoosive ugly spot! one word ewwww!


India and I sat down next to Callum trying not to show the love and affectionate feelings I have towards Deano and his spot. Or should I say erupting volcano on his forehead.


Mrs Henderson came I looking as lovely as always and sat on the throne that seemed to be                                                            throbbing will pain underneath her and about to break. This was no ordinary throne though this one was a poor broken plastic chair.


After registration, was French! With her highness Henderson and luckily I got to sit next to Monty. He seemed to put his love for me aside and now we are good mates. Even if he does burp a lot and is sexually attracted to the                                                                male                                      specimen.

He claims he’s not gay but I think he is.


I got my book out of my bag and sat next to Monty. “hey Leanne  , so your popular now then. No more ginger hide amongst the crowd Leanne  ” Monty whispered behind his hand.

                           “what are you saying I’ not popular anymore since Deano   dumped me”

“well I beg to differ katie and Pixie  like you!”

“really!” I beamed

“yeah really you are popular” Monty beamed back with slight hesitation. It wasn’t until then  that I realised Mrs Henderson  was standing behind me. “Leanne   first warning!” she yelled.





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