Call of the Dead

Meghan can see ghosts but is unable to hear or speak to them. All her life she has seen the agony of the undead that have not been able to cross to some sort of heaven and has considered joining them on numerous occasions. However, when a murderer comes to the neighbourhood, she finds she can communicate with his victims: pupils at her school. When she finds out her best friend is due to die she goes to find the murderer with the help of the ghosts. But now the ghosts can talk to her and are people she knew, she finds it harder and harder to stop herself from committing suicide...
Can Meghan save her friend from the murderer, and herself from her subconscious desires?


1. Prologue


Hello. My name is Meghan Stellar and I can see ghosts.


Freaked out yet?


I don’t remember ever NOT being able to see them. I just always have without trying. My Mum can’t see them; I know because I asked her myself. I never knew my dad because he was killed in a car accident before my parents were to be married. I asked my Nan but she says he couldn’t see ghosts either.  Whenever I bring up the subject of ghosts my mum always asks what the ghosts say. I normally stop talking at that point because I can’t actually talk to or hear them. Yes, I know, seeing but not hearing them is not the most convenient. (It really shows the meaning of ‘Ghosts are to be seen and not heard.) I don’t tell anyone anymore because it’s hopeless. What would everyone think if I suddenly claimed I was physic?


You probably don’t believe me now.


If you don’t believe me click the back button on Movellas and read something else. If you are not a fan of dark and depressing stories or hate unhappy endings search up something like ‘Little Puppy’s Day Out’ and read that instead.


Still here?


Good. Here is my story.

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