Call of the Dead

Meghan can see ghosts but is unable to hear or speak to them. All her life she has seen the agony of the undead that have not been able to cross to some sort of heaven and has considered joining them on numerous occasions. However, when a murderer comes to the neighbourhood, she finds she can communicate with his victims: pupils at her school. When she finds out her best friend is due to die she goes to find the murderer with the help of the ghosts. But now the ghosts can talk to her and are people she knew, she finds it harder and harder to stop herself from committing suicide...
Can Meghan save her friend from the murderer, and herself from her subconscious desires?


2. Horrible News




I sat up so fast that I banged my head on the ceiling. I had been having a nice dream about sitting on a cloud before the voice of my Mum woke me up. I glanced over at the clock. 7:13 Am.

“Strange,” I thought. “My Mum never wakes me up this early on a Sunday.” I hauled myself out of my cosy bed and looked at the ghost in my room. She was a young ghost (well, as young as a ghost can be as she died at 5) and she was clearly laughing at my clumsiness. She pointed at my door and smiled. Then something twigged in my mind.

“Mum watches the news every morning.”


I opened the door and ran down the stairs as fast as I could.


My Mum was staring at the screen with wide eyes and she didn’t seem to notice my loud stomps down the stairs. Weird. Normally she’d hear me walking in the next room. I took another step towards her and she turned her head in my direction. It was covered in panic and tears. I looked at the television screen and gasped.


’13 year old Shannon Layton was murdered at her house last night in Liverpool. Her family were unharmed physically but now are emotionally. Shannon was found in her bedroom with a knife stuck into her neck. No information about who the murderer is has been found yet but if you know anything please contact this number.’


My heart stopped for what seemed like eternity, but was only for a second.


Shannon Layton was in my year at school.

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