The Edge (a shorter version)

Faye is on a bridge. She's always contemplated what the meaning of life is but it is only in the last month she's understood that it's not too easy. Her best friend was Imodgen but now? Now she doesn't know. What she does know is that what happens next could be the most important or last decision of her life. ~SHORTER VERSION OF THE VERY EDGE~


2. The Dellmore Girls


Before I met Imogen, I was in a primary school that had 50 pupils max. I didn’t even belong then. For months my mum was looking for a placement for me but I was jinxed. The school I ended up going to was 7 miles from our raggedy, old house. They treated me like I was a cast-off. An outsider. A freak.

Eventually they let me into their community and I made friends. That was the best time of my life which is how it’s going to stay. Because when I moved up to Dellmore High for Girls, my times of fun plummeted into a bottomless pit of pure, heartless bullies.

There’s this one particular group of girls who harass me. Especially in PE. Each one of them has the perfect figure and their ability to play sport is unimaginable. I’m, on the other hand, what you would call a ‘more-chunky’ version and the closest I can get to being athletic is bowling on the WII! That’s if I had a WII. Pretty sarcastic seems as they are pretty rich too.

Anyway, that’s why they bully me. And it’s not even just words. They’re dogs with bites. I’ve got scars and bruises on my stomach and legs. I guess it stops me from cutting though. It’s everything. My weight. My physical capacities. Because I was completely alone. Did I mention that I’m the only Leigh Primary girl here? Well that’s why I’m such an easy target. But things started to get better when I met Imogen.

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