With her life going into a downwards spiral, Emile is left alone. Her friends have left her in her time of need and due to that she has lead to self harm. Also suffering from depression even her parents cant help her, her father an alcoholic and her mothers death leave her with nobody to turn too. soon put into care Emile falls into the hands of danger. putting her own life at risk.




It all started one summer three years back, the 29th of June to be exact. This was the day my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was twelve years old. I can remember that day so clearly… the way she just came out with it… like she hadn’t a care in the world. It was Monday morning and for once in England. The sun was shining. The sound of Birds singing, the thought of flowers in boom and the smell off clean air filled my pastel pink bedroom. It had made a change to the musty smoke filled air I was used too. Everything seemed perfect. So that’s how I knew something had gone wrong. Recently my mum had been losing a lot of weight; this was because she had lost her appetite from an on-going chest infection. The feeling of paradise in my room soon had come to a halt when I drifted back to reality. Mums coughing and spluttering had raised a concern to my dad and I. so my dad did the sensible thing and brought the doctor out.


The booming knock from the doctor at our front door pierced through the thick sheet of silence and sorrow. Reaching for the handle I took a deep breath and opened the door. “Is this the Davidson residence?” the doctor said in a firm and professional voice. “Yes it is, come in” I mumbled gesturing my hand towards the corridor. “Thank you” the doctor replied “my name is Doctor Simmons now I’m looking for a Mrs Kathy Davidson. I think it was your father who phoned?”

“Ahh yes it was my dad who phoned. Well he’s gone out to the corner shop but will be back soon. You’re here about my mum’s chest infection I guess? I’ll take you to her.” I said in my normal tone of voice, Timid but just loud enough to hear.

“Yes please” Dr Simmons replied in a polite manner. I took him round into my mum’s room where she lead, Pale as ever coughing and sputtering with a bloody tissue in hand which had been held over her mouth. You could see she had no energy in her body and that she hadn’t eaten in a while by the lack of muscle she had, she was quite obviously unwell. 


Once I had led the doctor in and introduced him to my mum I left the room. I didn’t want to see her like that she was my mum and all. She was meant to be the one looking after me yet lately it was the other way around. After a while a faint sound of sobbing came from the room, quite quickly after. Dr Simmons left, only giving me a quick glance of empathy before letting himself out of the door. For the next ten minutes I stood there, staring at the door. My mother’s crying just sitting at the back of my mind. I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I had never heard her cry before. I just waited standing silently still looking at the door until my dad was to enter the house.


Sometime later in the afternoon dad had finally come home, he walked through the front door with tears in his eyes and into his and mums room. Not even acknowledging my existence. I didn’t mind though, he was worried we all where something just weren’t right though. They were keeping something from me, I knew it. Mum had been in and out of hospital for the last few weeks and Doctor Simmons came today to see her today. I really don’t think it was dad who phoned though. I think it was just a check up on her recovery. This wasn’t really happening. Dad had also been disappearing a lot, no one could tell you where he had been but all we know was that he was sober when he came home. But troubles aside I sat in the living room and watched some TV. The news seemed to be the only thing on so that was the only thing I could watch, around a half hour later dad came out to start cooking dinner. But as he walked past the living room he stopped. Looked at me and ordered me to go into my mum’s room. I did as I was told. To be honest what else was I going to do. I walked into the room and saw Mrs Kathy Davidson. My mother, the person who I was half of; crying her eyes out. I stood at the door just waiting for my next instruction when she waved me in. I sat next to her and she took my hand, with her bony fingers stroking my palm she whispered my name. “Emile” she sighed “I have cancer”.   I froze unable to get any words out of my mouth but screaming inside. Tears rolling from my eyes I could not get my head around what she had said to me. This was what they were keeping from me? My mum had cancer. My mum, the woman who has looked after me and loved me for the past twelve years had cancer. CANCER what’s going to happen? Slowly beginning to get my voice back I gulped. Then managed to squeak out the only thing I was really thinking. “Are you going to die?” a tear rolled down her cheek before she kissed my hand and replied. “Emile I love you so much, you’re such a talented girl. I’m so proud of you...”

 I cut her off mid-sentence, “are you going to die?” I repeated.

“Yes. I will one day, but not today and not tomorrow but I can promise you now, the cause of my death will not be my cancer. It will be something else, in the far future nothing you need to worry about. I love you so much” she spoke in her loving and calm tone.

“I love you too mum, so you promise?” I replied. “I promise. Now can you do me a favour and put me an overnight bag together. I’m going to the hospital.”  



She was going to survive. She promised me this cancer wouldn't kill her. She was strong. She was my mum.


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