With her life going into a downwards spiral, Emile is left alone. Her friends have left her in her time of need and due to that she has lead to self harm. Also suffering from depression even her parents cant help her, her father an alcoholic and her mothers death leave her with nobody to turn too. soon put into care Emile falls into the hands of danger. putting her own life at risk.




Depression: - excessive gloom and despondency; an abnormal state of physiological inactivity.

Normal: - adj regular; unusual; stable mentality, anything normal the usual state, amount, ect. –Normalcy n. –normality n. –normally adv.

Sanity: -   n. the condition of being sane; mental health.

Happy: - adj (happier, happiest) fortunate; having, expressing, or enjoying pleasure or contentment; pleased; appropriate, felicitous.- happily adv.happiness n.


I was a happy child. I was all giggly and blonde in primary school. My favourite colour was pink like most little girls except the few who gave the other colours a chance. But when I moved in to secondary school things started to change. They started to become hard and the feeling of emptiness started to take over. No one could do anything about it because no one realised it had happened. By year eight the stress from school and home life got to me and I fell apart, everything started happening all at once, I couldn’t talk about it to anyone. I don't have parents so you can see that they wouldn’t understand, teachers would judge me and my best friend had her own problems therefore I couldn’t burden her with mine I had no one. I was alone. With no one to talk to I kept it all bottled up and delt with everything going on myself. I was a blackbird locked in a cage, just waiting to get out and be free. I knew that any second now someone would set me free. But instead I’m still alone and have had no change of scenery from these past few years, it’s just me; with a razor blade in my hand and blood on my wrist. 

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