The girl who stalked the corridors

All Alice wanted to do was work as a psychiatrist in a mental hospital, not end up in one as a patient. But as she gets more familiar with the daily routine she comes across the girl in the corridor and her most deadly horrors come to life but her insanity may not be the case, maybe she is sane after all..


4. The feeling of love and meeting the patients.

I wake up the next morning. The air is icy cold, the chill from it sends shivers down my spine, goes right through my bones. I make my way to work. Ever since yesterday I have been trying to forget. Forget the blood, the girl in the corridor. Today was a brand new day, I was exited, today I would be meeting the patients, have a tour round the hospital, I couldn't wait.


I knocked on the dull grey door that was the entrance to the hospital, luckily the nurse from yesterday wasn't the person who answered, it was a man, he looked like one of the doctors. He had a kind face, hazel eyes and blonde floppy hair, he was handsome. He didn't look sad, he didn't send shivers down me and he certainly didn't have a look of horror in his eyes. In fact he was the complete opposite. He reminded me of memories, happy memories. Memories of visiting the beach in summer, playing with a ball in the park. He reminded me of the sun. The first sight of happiness I had seen in years. "Hello Alice!" he said somewhat cheerily. He knew my name! "Hello" I said, gazing into his gorgeous eyes. "I'm Nicholas and I'm a doctor here, your the new psychiatrist aren't you?" he said as a smile spread across his handsome face. "y-yes." I couldn't help stammering. His face just reminded me of so many happy things, I couldn't even explain why, this was the first time I had ever felt butterflies in my stomach, my first feeling of love. "Oh good! Well today I will take you to meet all the patients and show you around a bit." he said. "Ok, thank you" I said as I managed a bit of a smile.


We walked past the reception, through the hallway to the same corridor as where my office was but instead of turning right we went left. There was still blood stains on the wall, I had to swallow to stop myself from wretching or doing something worse, something stupid like crying. He led me through a door and to where the patients were. Some of them were lying on hospital beds, some were sat on the floor rocking back and forth, some where crying, some were in straight jackets and some were shouting random things and punching the air. He took me towards a young girl who looked about twenty. "Hello Rose, how are you doing?" he said gently. She didn't reply.  Nicholas turned to me. "Rose will be one of your first patients tomorrow." I started at her, she was so thin. I saw a big scar on her arm and a burn mark on her back, she looked so innocent."Ok." I said, looking around me. "Aright you lot, line up its tablet time ha ha ha!" Came a voice from what looked like a counter by the wall. "what's going on?" I asked Nicholas. "Every day we need to give them their medication, they line up over there at that little counter and we give it to them one by one, if they refuse to take it they get electrocuted." He said, a look of sadness came across his eyes. He was so different to all the other doctors and nurses here. So kind, so innocent, he treated them as human beings and I was going to do the same. "Come on, lets go and help" He said putting his hand on my back and guiding me towards the door.


We walked through the hallway and through another door. This door took us behind the counter. There was glass and bars around it apart from a little gap where their medication would be passed through. They all lined up and did what they were told as the woman handed them their medication, as me and Nicholas watched. The woman jeered and laughed at them, made fun of them, even passed them pins sometimes instead of the medication so they would prick themselves, treated them like animals. Once they had all had their medication Nicholas walked me back to my office. "I have to go, I will come and bring Rose to you tomorrow. For now I am just going to let you settle in and get all your stuff ready for tomorrow." He smiled and shook my hand. I waved goodbye to him from the door of my office as he walked back to the ward full of patients. That's  where I saw her again, the girl. Standing there staring, just like she was yesterday.

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