The girl who stalked the corridors

All Alice wanted to do was work as a psychiatrist in a mental hospital, not end up in one as a patient. But as she gets more familiar with the daily routine she comes across the girl in the corridor and her most deadly horrors come to life but her insanity may not be the case, maybe she is sane after all..


25. The end of us.

Even though I want to run, run far far away I don't. I can't. All I can do is sit there frozen. I try to move or say something but I can't. I can't seem to move a muscle. It's defiantly Nicholas but his eyes are like deep, black holes. I stare into them but I just can't seem to hold their gaze. But I realize that this is it, I need to face her and the time has come. I rise up of off the bed and stand up tall and firm and I glare into her eyes, no emotion flickering on my face. I am strong and I am brave. I can do this.


We stand there in an eerie stillness. She doesn't move and neither do I. About five minutes pass before I feel it, an excruciating pain that starts at my brain and flows round my body. I don't know what it is but it's becoming a part of me as it flows through my veins. I scream hoping that somebody will hear me but I don't hear a sound through the stupid plain walls. The girl hasn't moved, I'm immersed into her eyes and I know there's no going back.


I lunge at her across the bed and this catches her of guard as she falls down on her back on the bed. As I stare down at her more and more of Nicholas is disappearing and I know that once he's gone I'll never get him back, I need to stop her. "What do you want!?" it's supposed to come out threatening but It sounds like i'm begging. She just stares emptily up at me. "What do you want? Please just give Nicholas back to me, I need him!" I plead but all that is left of Nicholas is his face with those black holes for eyes.


"No, no no please don't do this!" I scream as tears run down my face uncontrollably, a smug smile appears on her mouth "nooooooo!" I scream as Nicholas completely vanishes from me, disordered I start to thrash around on top of her, I hit whatever I can as I become a crazed mad woman screaming and crying from the top of my lungs, I realize Nicholas has gone. My one true love has gone. I will never be able to escape this nightmare, I want to be dead, I can't live without him and why should I?


I stop as I realize I don't stand a chance anyway, she is too strong for me. She gets up on top of me and I loosen up under her grip. I close my eyes. I want death to be peaceful. I feel something sharp at my throat. Death isn't peaceful a pain that i can't describe engulfs all of my senses as I feel warm liquid flow down my neck. I scream and she pulls me by my legs right of the bed. My head bangs the floor and everything is black when I try to open my eyes. I swear I am dead but within a few seconds my sight comes back. The once white sheets are streaked with blood and more blood is added to the white walls as she picks me up by the throat and slams me against the wall. I look down and my whole body is smothered in blood, the metallic smell sickens me. The end is near.



I stay there leaned up against the wall and regain some consciousness  and as I look around the room the girl is gone and all that is left is a large knife on the bed and blood, which is all over the room. The pain seems to have subsided and I realize that I can get up and move easily,as i stand up I hear crashing up the stairs and all of a sudden someone bursts through the door. A woman, with brown curly hair and kind green eyes stands in the doorway a look of horror in her eyes and I realize that this woman is my mother.


"Mum!" I yell as I forget everything around me, hope ringing in my ears as I stagger over I see my mother is holding a gun and the next thing I hear is a bang and i'm on the floor with a bullet through my stomach. As I hit the bed the knife clatters to the floor and I see my reflection in the blade. I'm the girl and my mother just killed me.


I cant breathe as the blood pours out and my body starts to shut down. My mum leans down "oh no, oh my god Alice, my poor Alice my little girl I'm so sorry!" Her hands are shaking and her breathing is uneven as she presses her hand to my wound. "mum!" is all I can muster as I stare into those eyes. I look behind me and I see Nicholas dead on the floor by the wall. My mother sees that I notice and starts blinking nervously and panting. "You, you killed Nicholas?"I ask,the knife killed him and that's his blood not mine. I hope to God that my hands did not do that work.


My mother sits by me as I slip away from the world. I'm a monster. I realize that there was never a girl it was me and only me. My mind was the monster that had consumed my life. "no!" my mum screams as my eyelids flutter shut, I'm not dead yet I am just about hanging on. I realize that my life was never good nor happy it was all one big lie that my brain conjured up. Mental illness is not a joke but you know what? I'm glad to be free.


The end.




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