The girl who stalked the corridors

All Alice wanted to do was work as a psychiatrist in a mental hospital, not end up in one as a patient. But as she gets more familiar with the daily routine she comes across the girl in the corridor and her most deadly horrors come to life but her insanity may not be the case, maybe she is sane after all..


16. Nicholas's wife.

It's as if my mind and actions are being controlled like a puppet. One minute my thoughts are those thoughts of the girl's and then the next minute my thoughts are my own human thoughts.

It's Tuesday morning and I'm standing in my usual corner off the corridor. I can hear muffled voices talking and I can hear all the nutcases in the ward. I start drifting into my normal human thoughts about Nicholas and how much I miss him, how much I love him and how much I just want to kiss him. Just as I think this I hear shuffling coming from the ward entrance and then the next thing I know Nicholas limps out into the corridor. His leg is bleeding which is causing him to limp. I feel sorry for him at first until the girl's thoughts cloud my mind and all I can feel is hunger. Hunger for his death.

He sees me and stops in his tracks, his face turns pale and I can see all the fear appear in his eyes like they did the last time I saw him. I start to repeat over and over again 'I killed your wife, I killed your wife," uncontrollably in a dark evil whisper. I can feel that I am saying it into his mind instead of out loud because I have experienced this torment from the girl so many times. He falls too his knees; "NOOOO!" He shouts and starts to turn hysterical again but just as I can hear my voice get louder and louder he faints, just like I have done so many times. 

My human thoughts come back to me at that instant. The girl killed his wife? Nicholas had a wife? Whats on earth is going on?

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