The girl who stalked the corridors

All Alice wanted to do was work as a psychiatrist in a mental hospital, not end up in one as a patient. But as she gets more familiar with the daily routine she comes across the girl in the corridor and her most deadly horrors come to life but her insanity may not be the case, maybe she is sane after all..


12. Nicholas

It didn't work. My suicide attempt didn't work. I'm lying here in the same room as I was before with not even a scratch on my body.The first thought that hits me is Nicholas.Where is he anyway? I wonder if he thinks I'm dead? I don't know. Oh gosh, how I wish I was dead! As I lie and think all the depression sinks slowly into me like a knife.

I close my eyes just as Nicholas bursts in. "Oh my gosh Alice you scared the life out of me! Why did you do it? What were you thinking? Alice why?" said Nicholas as tears start flooding uncontrollably down his face. "I want to die Nicholas, get over it." I say harshly. I try to get out of bed but then realize I'm in a mental hospital so I'm stuck here. I sigh and look at Nicholas, he is trying to stop crying but it wasn't working. "Look Nicholas I'm sorry, I wanted to kill myself to get rid of the girl, I thought it was obvious." I said looking him straight in the eye. As soon as I say this an evil grin spreads across his face, whats going on? He stands up still smiling lifting up, up and up until his head is touching the ceiling and his feet are off the floor. His eyes turn into black, red holes and he swoops down on me, drags me out of my bed, along the corridor and hacks and hacks at me with a knife.

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