The girl who stalked the corridors

All Alice wanted to do was work as a psychiatrist in a mental hospital, not end up in one as a patient. But as she gets more familiar with the daily routine she comes across the girl in the corridor and her most deadly horrors come to life but her insanity may not be the case, maybe she is sane after all..


19. Nicholas and The girl

I woke up from a deep sleep feeling happier than ever and also feeling weirdly stronger than usual. Nicholas was still sleeping, lying on his side on the floor. I stared at him for a while, I liked looking at him. He was beautiful. He started to slur and snore in his sleep and foam started to pour out of his mouth. "Nicholas?" I asked, getting quite concerned as he started to groan and make sounds of pain. "Nicholas!?" I shrieked jumping down by his side to check if he was okay. "Nicholas?" I shook him and shook him until he woke up, he flicked open his eyes and I jumped backwards terrified. 


Why was I so terrified? Because of Nicholas's eyes. His eyes weren't the usual beautiful hazel colour, they were white. White as a sheet. No pupil there. Like a ghoul. Like The girl's. "Nicholas!! Your eyes!!" I said as soon as I could actually get my voice back together. "I-I-I KNEW-W IT W-WOUL-LD WORK." he said gasping and stuttering, as if it was extremely difficult to talk. "What? Nicholas what are you talking about?" I hauled him up and his speaking improved.


He looked me in the eyes; "Alice. I love you and I'm sorry to do this to you. I couldn't bear to see the girl inside you taking over you. Your beautiful and The girl has turned you so ugly and I just had to change that, It's just a shame that God's beautiful creations sometimes have to be wasted and I thought wait, She doesn't have to be wasted. I had an idea, I wanted the girl inside me. I thought that intercourse would be a way for us both to connect. A way to give you happiness and to show you how much I love you and to leave an important impact and resolution to this awful situation and I am extremely happy that it's worked! No more suffering for you!" He smiled a sad smile, trying to reassure me that everything would be okay, it obviously wouldn't. I couldn't believe he had done this for me.


I didn't know what to say. I was happy and relieved but also angry and upset at Nicholas. I don't need his help! I can fight my own battles. Besides, now he has the girl inside him. Despair took over all these emotions and clouded my mind. I had so many questions but only stuck with asking him one. "What happened to your eyes?" I asked. " Well she's inside of me. But i'm stronger than you. I'm fighting her off as much as I can, it's painful but I'm going too carry on because I know this is saving you. I will not be in the same situation as you were. I will not be in two bodies because I am a fighter and I want to get rid of this god dam monster as soon as possible" I knew he was completely right and I knew that he could do it.

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