The girl who stalked the corridors

All Alice wanted to do was work as a psychiatrist in a mental hospital, not end up in one as a patient. But as she gets more familiar with the daily routine she comes across the girl in the corridor and her most deadly horrors come to life but her insanity may not be the case, maybe she is sane after all..


17. James

I had to get out of this. I had to get out of this nightmare. I went to find Nicholas and found him in the laundry room standing by a washing machine, staring into space. "Nicholas?" My voice came out in a horrible gaspy dark whisper. He saw me jumped and started backing away."Nicholas, don't worry, don't be afraid, it's me! It's me Alice!" He stopped in his tracks and started edging slowly towards me cautiously. Limping as he came closer and closer. He stopped in front of my eye line and his beautiful hazel eyes made my heart melt. He stroked my face and I stroked his and before I knew it we were kissing. Not just a little kiss a passionate meaningful kiss that made all my worries flood away.


"How did you know it was me?" I asked. " Your eyes, your eyes haven't changed." I smiled. He turned his back limping over to the corner and turning round to face me. "You know, I'm not scared of her anymore, The girl,  since I technically just kissed her!" This made us both giggle for about ten seconds before we were brought back to reality and what situation we were in. A doctor walked in, a doctor by the name of James. "Nicholas what the hell do you think your doing? Get back on the ward you bastard!" He yelled. I could feel my head going fuzzy and I felt a burning sensation in my chest. James noticed me and turned pale and I lashed out uncontrollably. 


I couldn't stop pulling and pulling at his eyeballs I could hear Nicholas screaming and groaning in the background but I was The girl. There was no stopping me. I knocked him to the floor and stood on his head until his brain was practically squished to bits. I stood there for a while until Nicholas came beside me. He touched my shoulder and i went to bite him but he jumped back in time to miss my bite. "Oh Alice, what are we going to do?" A tear rolled down his cheek and I looked down at the mess of James on the floor. "Quick, lets get out of here before someone thinks you did this." We went into my old office. I was completely back to my normal personality. "Nicholas, you've seen what I did back there, what shall I do?" He didn't reply. "Nicholas? Nicholas? Who was your wife?" he stared into my eyes for a while until he answered. "Melissa." Melissa who was murdered by her best Friend Rose because of The girl. The evil monster that was taking over my body. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to do. I knew that he didn't blame Rose and her death was as upsetting to him as Melissa's was. I didn't know how to comfort him so I walked over to him and hugged him and that was all that was needed, better than any words that could have been said.

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