The girl who stalked the corridors

All Alice wanted to do was work as a psychiatrist in a mental hospital, not end up in one as a patient. But as she gets more familiar with the daily routine she comes across the girl in the corridor and her most deadly horrors come to life but her insanity may not be the case, maybe she is sane after all..


7. Explaining the girl to Nicholas.

Nicholas visited me in my office the next day. "Hello Alice, how are you?" he came in smiling. "Hi Nicholas I'm good thank you!" I said standing up, he put his hands round my waist. We were just about to embrace when a tubby looking nurse burst through the door. Perspiration was dripping from her forehead and her face was as pale as a sheet. "uh Nicholas we need you." she said going out of the door, me and Nicholas following.


She took us out into the garden where a few nurses and doctors were standing around a tree, there was a body, hanging from the tree, I let out a gasp, it was Rose. "oh no, Rose, why would she do this?" Said Nicholas walking over and stroking her cold, white hand. All together they helped get her down as I stood back and watched the horror before me, I could of stopped her but I didn't, I felt like it was all my fault. I was the psychiatrist  after all.


They carried her back to the hospital as me and Nicholas stood in the garden, traumatized. "why do you think she would do such a thing like this?" said Nicholas breaking the silence. "The girl" I just about managed to choke out. "What?" Nicholas gave me a look as if I was mad. "Rose, she killed her best friend Melissa a few years ago while visiting her cousin didn't she? Then she was classed as mental wasn't she? But she wasn't mental, she was just severely depressed. The girl, the girl in the corridor s-s-she makes you kill people, she takes control of your mind, she makes you mad. That's why that other man slit that other man's neck and I've seen her, I've seen her Nicholas, shes real she is really there." The horror on my face must of left Nicholas speechless, he just stared into space. I started crying, maybe I was insane, maybe my mental mind had made me imagine her, but those deaths, those other people who had seen her, I was sane for sure. He held me tight "shh, shh it's ok Alice its ok, I'm here for you." he said. I broke away from him and looked up at his face, he didn't believe me. I bet he thought I was mentally ill and was just giving me sympathy before he handed me to the doctors and nurses who would treat me like an animal. "You don't believe me do you?" I said looking into his eyes, seeking the truth. "I do believe you because I've seen her too."  



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