About a girl who lives on an Island trapped from the rest of the world.

For the new picture comp.


1. Island on my own.

The seagulls drifted off to sleep all around. I sat on the docks, my knees drawn to my chin, as I watched distant ships pass and vaporize in the distant mist. No-one knew this island existed. Only I did. I was the only one left. As well as the seagulls. I was trapped. I watched the sea, when a ship appeared. It seemed liked a ferry. My mother told me about them. She travelled on one to here, then met my father. Her family lived here for seven years, before returning. My mother stayed. They got married and had me. Petal. Then my brother and sister Chloe and Iggy. This ship was headed for here. I waved and screamed as loud as I could.

'HEY! OVER HERE!' I waved my arms and shouted over and over. They flashed a light at me, and I thought they would turn as some do. But the contiued towards me. I grinned madly and jumped from leg to leg in excitment.




It came into port, with smiling faces everywhere. I greeted them kindly. The last people to get off where snobs.

'Where is you're mother and father dear?'

'They died.' They looked down at me.

'Well thats a shame. Now, carry our bags.' They walked off, leaving me to carry their suitcases. A young boy dressed in black clothes, dark hair and blue eyes, help me carry them. I had never seen him before. He grinned at me, grabbing as many bags as he could.

'Yo, I'm Eric. What's you're name?'

'Petal...' I said quietly, wondering why he was being kind to me. That was his mum an dad weren't they?

'You're wondering if their my parents. Am I right?' I nodded as he grinned even more.

'Tell me.' I said dumping the suitcases in front of a house.

'All right, but tell me about you. What happened to this place?' I explained him about how life was here, then the war that started here making everyone abandon the place. I never knew -


I was playing with my other friend Charlie. We were on the island a little way from here, when we heard guns and explosions. I started to cry and Charlie carried me to the boat. He rowed while I sat crying for my parents and siblings. Charlie didn't have any parents as his died when he was born. He lived with the couple next door. When we reached Islay, ships were sailing away from us. I screamed and screamed. Another boat appeared and people rushed for it. I stopped an elderly couple, apologizing for stopping them. '

Did you know Mr and Mrs Gandle?'

'Yes. We're so sorry' The woman said becoming all teary.


'We were all tooken to the church. They called out the family names. You and you're parents didn't answer. We classified yu all dead. We are so sorry. Come with us and....'

'NO! I WANT TO STAY HERE! WHY DIDN'T YOU TRY TO HELP THEM!' They hugged me and begged me to go with them. I turned it down. The ship left. Me and Charlie stood watching it. He suddenly took my hand. I grasped it back. When the ship was out of sight I turned to him. We walked to our favourite place. The swings. We sat, motionless and silent. Charlie took my hand again. He leaned towards me, and kissed me. I felt happy, though a little confused. We were friends. He pulled away and hugged me.

'Charlie. Lets leave' I said hugging him hard.

'No, Petal, I'm leaving. I'm gonna find you're parents and bring them bak. I don't think they died.' We took a boat from the harbor and I gave him lots of food.

'Try and return. Please' I said, hugging him again.

'I'll try. Remember Petal. I love you. I always will.' With that he left the island and never looked back.


-Eric looked at me, shocked.

'How long ago was this?'

'Two years ago. I never saw him again. I missed him so much.' Eric, held my hand.

'Well all of the people on the ferry are new residents to this Island. Well for a short time only. I'll be a replacement for Charlie.' I smiled at him. He seemed a nice person.

'Eric!' the woman Eric was with shouted.

'Coming! Will I see you tomorrow?'

'Yeah. At the playground near here' I said pointing in the direction of the park. He smiled before entering his house and closing the door. I walked down about ten houses, before entering mine. I drifted off to sleep, my dreams filled with Charlie.


Charlie. Where on this world are you?

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