Angel - One shot

It is a essay I wrote to my English teacher. I´m Danish so it´s maybe not the best but i thougth it would be nice to post it here. I hope somebody will read it.
Lots of love.
Camilzen :)


1. One Shot

“Angel” my mother screamed from the kitchen downstairs.

“Coming” I yelled back and ran down the stairs.

My mother looked at me, as an angry felling grows up inside my body. I wasn´t angry. Not as far as I could remember. But my mother was. It was her emotions not mine. I knew exactly what she was going to tell me, just of her emotions. It was clearer than the sky, at a sunny summer day.  She has gotten one more letter from the school, saying that I didn´t do my homework for the second time this week, and it´s only Tuesday.  All of my teachers wrote to my mum yesterday, about missing papers, essays or stuff like that. The headmaster even gave her a call, about a fight whit nine other girls. One of them even ended up at a hospital. I have gotten from the fight without a single bruise. I don´t know I managed that, it´s actually quite amazing. But I don´t think my mother agrees.

 “Do I have to say it again?” she asked with a monotone voice of hopelessness while she kept looking at me.

“No” I answered tired and looked down.

“Good” she said leaving the kitchen. 

Now I was just left there awkwardly to my thoughts.  I got to go to school I thought while grapping my bag and running out of our front door. The first thing I meet at school is Stephanie, of course.  Why didn´t I just stayed at home. Her sarcastic emotion filled my body, and I knew this wasn´t starting out good. I tried just go unnoticed into the schoolyard, but without luck.

“Where do you think you are going?” asked Stephanie whit an evil grin, while more people formed a circle around us.

 “Oh… Stephanie I didn´t see you” I said sarcastic, while some people laughed around in the circle.

“Very funny redhead” She said and her friends, or should we said click, laughed.

“Seriously” I said smiling, “Redhead that’s so first grade”

She looked at me in surprise and said: “I´m going to beat you up on that one”

Her friends stopped laughing when I said: “Why didn’t you just said you wanted another trip to the hospital”

I smiled evilly when she said “this is not over jet” and just turned to leave. I looked after her, but so soon she was completely gone, everybody cracked up in big loud laughs. Some even parodied our little show.  I maybe would have enjoyed the whole thing a bit more, if it hasn´t been for all the letters to my mother, I knew was going to up in our mailbox today. The double lesson in English was a nightmare. Wuthering Heights is so boring. I absolutely hate that book, if you could say it without even reading it. It wasn´t because I couldn´t read it, it was just hard to do it. I only looked at the first page. Now I had to sit here for one and a half hour pretending to read. About fifteen minutes into the lesson a loud crack came from the door, and the headmaster walked into the classroom.

“Angel White” he said as all eyes turned to me.

I looked up from my book: “Yes”

“Follow me” he said as I followed him of the classroom.

We walked into his office, and I sat down in the well known chair across from his. The silence was killing me. I had to break it.

“What have I done this time?” I asked the headmaster.

 “Nothing” he said and I stirred at him in surprise of the answer.

“Nothing?” I asked disbelief. He shook his head.

“Why am I here then?” I asked confused.

He took a deep breath and said: “Your parents are dead”

I looked at him. Just looking and not being able to cry. I couldn´t be true, I had to see it myself.

I was just about to leave when the headmaster, as I actually completely forgot was there at all, said: “You can´t leave, I wasn´t finish talking to you”

“Are there more?” I asked but my voice cracked half through the sentence.

“Yes” he answered and took another deep breath before continue, “They was not your real parents”

“What “I almost screamed in a very girly voice far from my usual voice.

“I know it is a lot on one day but...” he started but I cut him off.

“You don’t have to feel sorry for me and you know nothing about me” I said and left the office before he could say anything.

His sad and sympatric emotions were slowly fading out of my body, as I run out of the school. I meet Stephanie at my way home, and I was cooled down a bit, so I decided that I would talk to her. She looked at me weirdly, when I walked straight over to her. 

“What are you doing here Angel?” Stephanie asked, while looking at me with tears in her eyes.

“You looked sad” I said, “And I’m not completely heartless. Are you okay?”

“Angel” she said and started crying again, “I never told you but they were my parents too”

I stood there in shock they had a real child, but took me in and sent her away. I couldn´t believe it.

“They were only your parents” I said slowly, to see how she was going to take it. She looked at me with tears streaming down her face.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes” I said looking down.

“I’m so confused” she said having a blonde moment.

I smiled a bit at her and said: “me too”

“Do you know who your parents are?” she asked. I guessed she already knew the answer.

 I shook my head: “No”

“Please hug me” she said out of nowhere but today I didn´t care. I just hugged her tight.

I slowly let go of her body and said: “I got to go home and see if there are any papers on me”

“It´s okay” she said, “Thank you for everything”

“You welcome” I said, “Bye”

“Bye” she yelled, “by the way do you want some help?”

“No it´s fine” I said, “But thank you”

I walked all the way home quicker than ever, and I stared searching the entire house for some papers, or just anything about me from my real parents.

Three months later I still haven´t found anything. Stephanie has moved in and helps looking. My power, the one with the emotions, has grown stronger and it starts to scare me. I found this old man on the internet, he lives in the neighborhood. I´ve decided to meet him because I really want to know what this is. It´s just too weird to live with. I had been told to meet him in the park alone, and to be honest I’m so scared of him being some creepy murderer.  I started walking to the park. I looked at my watch when I walked into the park. Just in time for the meeting. I saw an old man standing under the old tree, in the middle of the park. I walked to him just guessing it was him.

 “Are you Mr. Grey?” I asked with my cute girly voice.

“Yes I am” he said keeping the formal theme.

“I am Angel. Angel White” I said like I was trying to tell him something he had to remember. 

“Oh you are Angel” he asked just to make sure.

“Yes I am” I told him smiling. “Good. Sit down please” he said pointing to the bench under the tree.

“You said you had something you would talk to me about” he said.

“Yes” I said started to be really embarrassed about it.

“I am waiting darling” he said pointing at his watch.

“I can feel other people’s emotions. They popping up in my head and almost explode when people touch me.”

“Oh…” he said before I cut him off.

“I know it sounds like I’m crazy or something but I swear it´s true.” I said.

 “I do not think you are insane darling. I know why you are feeling other people´s emotions” he said.

“Why?” I asked sounding like a little girl at the Christmas party waiting for her presents.

“You are an angel” he said as it was the most natural thing in the world. While I just fell into a dark shadow of shock.

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