Born in battle

This is about two girls who arnt related but where born on the same day at the exact same time and who were also born in BATTLE (told from the point of both of the girls.)


3. The start of our dads tale(Starblaze's dad Nero)

Our dads were the ones that took us to safety when the war was raging around us. But I can't really say much about that though... me and Starfire were just babies when that happened. So now, I'll let my dad tell the story, because I don't know enough to tell it...

My wife had just given birth to a baby girl, as our city was being invaded. There was a war going on, and it was the worst time for a baby to be born. But it just so happened that our baby was born on the wrong day. "What should we call her?" my wife asked softly. I paused for a minute as she cradled the child, before saying, "Starblaze." My wife nodded, smiling slightly. "Starblaze..." she whispered. "It's a good name." And then I broke the bad news to my wife, clamping my eyes shut. "Dear, there's a war going on..." As soon as the words came out of my mouth, a war horn was blown and I knew that the Darkspear tribe where here. "Honey, I all ready know but..... I don't think I'll make it out of the town..... I think that maybe you should find Nathus, and you should run and get out of here with the baby..." She said it so weakly. I could see that she was diying from the painful birth, so I quickly grabbed Starblaze and ran towards Nathus and Fora's hut where I heard a small cry.

"Hello, is anyone there?"I asked as I slowly pushed the door open. There was Nathus, leaning over Fora "What's happened?" as I rushed over to see him.

"She's dead I just can't believe she's dead, all because she gave birth to our little baby girl!" he sobbed, and he pointed to a small crib at the back of the room "My wife's dead too and I'm sorry for your loss but we need to get out of here before we cant save them because you know that the darkspear tribe dont let men live and we dont want our childeren to be raised as a darkspear do we" I reminded him, trying to forget my wife's dead body. Somehow, I managed to block out the tears, as Nathus threw one last look at Fora.

"NO we dont quick can you grab Starfire for me, Im grabbing my war axe so we can have a safe passage out. Follow me." 

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