Born in battle

This is about two girls who arnt related but where born on the same day at the exact same time and who were also born in BATTLE (told from the point of both of the girls.)


5. Salvation (Starbreeze's dad Nathus)

At last we were out of the city but at what cost I looked over at my dear friend Nero he had a huge slash on the side of his head and it was pouring out blood.I rushed over and ripped a strip of my shirt and wrapped it around his head "we need to get somewhere safe and build a camp" he said weakly I could tell he lost quite a bit of blood so I decided to look for a good place to set up camp when all of a sudden a huge shadow spread across the field where we hid in a near by bush luckly the babys wernt crying for some strange reason.

 I amediatly looked up and I could not beleive my eyes a huge emerald dragon flew past and headded for the city I thought they where a myth but I was wrong and now it would cost my dear friends their lives because a young boy had come to our village not that long ago saying that he saw some dragons migrating over here and that we should prepare but me with my big mouth had endangered us all I dont think that anyone will survive thats the reason all the people of Clawhide ridge died.

I quickly sped out from my hidding place and took one last look at the town before it got burnt down to the ground my wifes body flashed in my mind and I finally let my tears streak down my cheeks and as soon as I did Nero shouted " You get away from them now " I sped over and saw a man bearing the darkspear mark on his arm holding a sword above his head I threw my axe and I heard the squelch as his hands got seperated from his arms he cried out in pain and I ran up and twisted his neck and watched his lifeless body fall to the floor I heard the babys actually laugh as i picked up his lifeless body and threw it into a near by stream.

I watched as his body drifted down stream before i returned to Nero and the girls just as i got there i saw something out of the courner of my eye.  

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