Born in battle

This is about two girls who arnt related but where born on the same day at the exact same time and who were also born in BATTLE (told from the point of both of the girls.)


4. Path through the Darkspear (Starblaze's dad,Nero)

Cradling the two babies in my arms, I followed Nathus through the oncoming swarms of Darkspear warriors. My wife's dead body was fresh in my mind ; I could see nothing but her dying, as I obeyed her and left with Starblaze. In front of me, Nathus took off three heads in one slice of his axe, and I remembered meeting him in a sword duel, which we finally found ourselves equally skilled. It was the beginning of our friendship, although at first, we didn't like the fact that the other was as strong, for we had never been defeated by another teenager before. But we soon became fast friends. Nathus swung the axe again, taking out enemies who were approaching the left. I ducked as a spear went whistling over my head. A scream from behind me told me that another man, who I had always thought rather snobbish, had not been as lucky. Looking forward again, I leaped skillfully over yet more Darkspear bodies that Nathus had slaughtered. His axe was a gleaming arc of death, power, and glory as he charged forwards, eyes burning with hate to the Darkspear tribe. I suddenly noticed that, since the two baby girls had been within arms distance away from each other, they had stopped crying completely, as if the presence of the other was somehow comforting. I could only hope and pray that we managed to escape the city before the Darkspear tribe became overpowering. Suddenly, I found my head throbbing, pain inching through it. I stumbled, unable to stand. Starblaze and Starfire fell from my grip as I crumpled, landing softly, softly but separated. Instantly, both started crying, their wails echoing through my ears.e

"NERO!" Nathus cried, charging towards me and dragging Darkspear warriors off me. I grabbed Starblaze and Starfire, trembling with weakened pain as I stood slowly, depending entirely on Nathus to help me escape. I stumbled after him, the blood from his fallen enemies splattering onto my face. I panted; my head was in so much pain, exhausting me. Starblaze and starfirehad stopped crying again, calmed by each other. Nathus grabbed my arm to help drag me along, wielding his axe with one hand. Finally, we were free of the city! The darkspear tribe warriors seemed to loose interest in us as we ran further from the city. Both me and Nathus collapsed, after running deep into the forest. I gently laid Starfire and Starblaze on the grass. We were safe... For now.

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