Born in battle

This is about two girls who arnt related but where born on the same day at the exact same time and who were also born in BATTLE (told from the point of both of the girls.)


2. How we came to be (Starbreeze)

When I found out how me and my best friend came to be, she... sort of lost it she threw things everywhere and then she told her dragon to, well you don't really want to know. Well lets just say we had to move house and call the fire men, who had to put out the fire with their dragons, and then we had to talk to the police. It was all one big mess, and, well, Starblaze was grounded afterwards, but she had a good reason! All our lives we where told that the parents we have today are our real ones, but then we got told the truth when a strange letter arrived. It turns out that we where born in the middle of one of the greatest wars in history .Which is just outstanding! Imagine it, two babies in the middle of a giant battle. Oh, I would have hated it...  but it doesnt bother me anymore. I've gotten use to it so many things trying to kill me each and every day. Oh well, not much I can do about that, is there?

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