Dear Reanne

Neve's older sister Reanne has been missing for 2 years exactly. Exactly 2 years ago it was her 14th birthday, but now she'll be turning sixteen. Neve's parents may have resigned themselves to the fact Reanne is probably dead, but Neve will never give up hope. And so, determined to get her sister back, Neve goes serching, keeping a diary as she goes.

This movella is dedicated to my own little sister, the amazing Eve. Love you babes xxx


1. 16th Birthday

Dear Reanne,

Happy birthday! I made you a card for when you get back; I hope you like it. It's been two years now. I miss you. So do Mum and Dad, but I think they're trying not to show it. They say they have some big news for me. But today, theres only one thing I want to hear. That's mum calling me. Sorry, I'll have to go now.

Love Neve xxx



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