science secrets and suspicion

Ella is bullied for being herself and for having the fittest boy !!!!EVER!!! as a lab partner


4. Secret

I was in a trance all day long ever since he held my hand. Its like on that film Hairspray when he bumps into her and she sings 'I can hear the bells' that's how I feel now, I feel like nothing can put me down. 

*PING!!!* My BBM goes off. Its a message off that slag...... Hiya BitchyBabe, I saw that stunt you played in science, back the f*** off or else xx g2g now bitch......... 

Great! oh well nothing can put me down today! 

At lunch I went to my locker and found a packet of love hearts which weren't there this morning..... yummy ;) In geography i found love hearts taped to my pages and then finally in gym when i get back to the changing rooms there are love hearts in my blazer pockets!!!!!!!!!!!!


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