when the sun goes down

strange things happen when the sun goes down.

When Jen starts writing her diary, she asks for a more extraordinary, interesting life that people would take interest in when they read her diary. Soon she regrets that wish, but she is curious to see... what happens when the sun goes down.


3. The Day That Changed My Life

dear diary, 

today really is the day that changed my life, because never again am i going to be 13 again. from this day on, until exactly one year today, I will be 14 years old. Later today I am going to the movies with Jem to watch this new movie called "Sunset" its about a teen countess meeting her love, a teen  servant every day at sunset. well, thats what Mum says. I think it will be interesting, and i cant wait. after the movie Jem is coming over for a sleepover. I cant wait!


lots of (ordinary) love, Me.

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