when the sun goes down

strange things happen when the sun goes down.

When Jen starts writing her diary, she asks for a more extraordinary, interesting life that people would take interest in when they read her diary. Soon she regrets that wish, but she is curious to see... what happens when the sun goes down.


4. Sunset

dear diary,

the sleepover was great. I had loads of fun with Jem. she is a fab friend to have! I met a boy yesterday when Jem and I went out to the movies. Here is the info: (im sure your interested now!) ok, so just before Jem and I went in to see "Sunset" we went to get some popcorn and drinks. When we were walking to go to watch the movie (it was just about to start) the boy was walking up with his little sister, (Amy) -who I know because last summer i helped out at a summer club and she was in my group- Anyway, Amy saw me, and as soon as she recognized me, she ran -like, really ran. wow that kid is fast- and hugged me, making me drop my popcorn on the floor (I was surprised, I mean, its not every day you get 'hugged' by a 5 year old!) and I also spilled my coke all over the floor. That really sucked, and i was trying so hard not to show how annoyed i was. So, -back to the boy- he came up to me and apologized. And just like in the movies, I melted as i looked into his eyes, those deep blue eyes, and now we are going out. ok, just kidding! If my life was that great I wouldn't even bother with a diary! ha, anyway, his eyes were brown. yep, i noticed. ok, so what really happened is that he came up to me and apologized about his sister, and said that he would make it up to me, someway. then the movie started. And I haven't seen him since. I want to, I really really do. I felt something. But I dont know what it was. Whenever I think about him... he was just different. I mean, what sort of teenage guy (i think he was about 15) would take his little sister to see a girly movie and then apologize about an accident that his sister caused and not make his sister take the embarrassment. he just doesnt strike me as an average teen guy. I think he is special. I think I might like him...


Lots of (in Love but still Ordinary) Love, Me.

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