when the sun goes down

strange things happen when the sun goes down.

When Jen starts writing her diary, she asks for a more extraordinary, interesting life that people would take interest in when they read her diary. Soon she regrets that wish, but she is curious to see... what happens when the sun goes down.


2. One more day

dear diary,

I am 14 years old tomorrow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! well, (finally) I have found something good about being ordinary- BIRTHDAYS. I mean, extraordinary people would be so caught up in their amazing lives to even bother about birthdays, because every day is awesome for them, so its not as special to have one awesome day, YOUR BIRTHDAY. I have no idea why I keep writing BIRTHDAY in capital letters, I guess its just because I'm excited. Or crazy, weird and psycho as Jem my best friend tells me. Jem has been my friend since we were both 3 and in nursery. We look similar and our names sound the same: Jen (me) and Jem. Jen short for Jennifer and Jem for Jemstone. We always sit  next to each other in class, and have done forever, the teachers ALWAYS get mixed up with us. We always call each other in the morning to make sure that we do our hair the same way every day... the list could go on forever. We are basically one person in two people. anyway, i need to stop writing now, as Mum is calling me for lunch.

Lots of (ordinary) love, Me.

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