when the sun goes down

strange things happen when the sun goes down.

When Jen starts writing her diary, she asks for a more extraordinary, interesting life that people would take interest in when they read her diary. Soon she regrets that wish, but she is curious to see... what happens when the sun goes down.


5. once more, with feeling.

dear diary,

Its 5 o'clock. Today at around 11am, I went to the local supermarket to get some food and stuff for the day, and you will never guess who i bumped into. yep, i met Josh (Amy's brother) and he said hi to me. well, actually he said "Hey, you're the girl my sister bumped into the other day!" and  then Josh said that he had to "make it up to me somehow... do you want to meet up about 6:30 at starbucks?" and i of course, said yes. so in an hour and a half i am going to basically go out with him. im still not over that. IM GOING TO GO OUT WITH JOSH!!! i just keep repeating it in my head. I cant believe it really. I have never felt this way about anyone else. I know I dont really know him. but inside, somehow i just have the feeling that its meant to be. I have blabbed to Jem. She didn't give me any advice on what to do, thats usually my job. I dont really know what to do. Im just going to go casual, but im going to put on a bit of makeup, obviously. it feels weird, to be in like -thats what im going to call it, as strange as it sounds, because i dont want to call it love as i dont really know Josh well enough- Its just that, I haven't dated for so long. About 2 or 3 years ago was the last time i went out with someone... his name was Kevin. I never thought i loved him. he was always just like a perfect brother to me, and so when he asked me out, i couldn't say no. I did love him, really, but just as a friend... more than a friend but less than a boyfriend. as I said, he was like a brother to me. I just didnt want to hurt him, so i said yes. And we went out for 3 months. in the 1st month of our going out, i started to think that maybe i did love him, but i didnt realize how i loved him. and when i realized in the 3rd month, we talked, and it turned out that he felt the same way, so everything is fine between us. he is still a friend, i guess, but Jem is the one i always talk to. I havent really spend much time recently with Kevin. oh well. he hasn't noticed, he has his girlfriend, Fiona. i cant write anymore now, my hand is sore and my writing is getting messy.


lots of (in like but still ordinary) love, me.

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