when the sun goes down

strange things happen when the sun goes down.

When Jen starts writing her diary, she asks for a more extraordinary, interesting life that people would take interest in when they read her diary. Soon she regrets that wish, but she is curious to see... what happens when the sun goes down.


1. Just Ordinary

dear diary,

i got this book for an early birthday present. its meant to be a notebook, but Mum couldn't find me a proper diary so i guess this will have to do for now. There isn't really much extraordinary happening in my life right now that you would be interested in, I wish I had a more interesting life, then somebody might actually read my diary and enjoy it. But I'm not amazing or anything like that, I'm just an ordinary girl. Anyway, I guess being ordinary has its ups, like... school trips or.... oh I give up. I cant even think of one decent thing about being ordinary like me. but I guess that must be okay. At least I am in the world at all, I don't really want to complain...


Lots of (ordinary) love, Me.

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