Nobody Knows

Destiny... I know unusual name but what can I say I'm unusual.
When 15 year old Destiny meets the younger her in a different world she realises what she can do


1. Awake

She stands in front of me telling me to run shouting ''run Destiny'' but I just stand there. The flames curl around me as I jump up one huge lick of fire hits my legs I scream and mum jumps in the fire grabs me then throws me to the safety of the landing it happens to fast she looks at me and mouths ' I love you ' then starts to wave. I wake up dripping with sweat another flashback. Aunt Christy comes in with a tea she just looks at me then hugs me. She's my mum's sister and the only one ( apart from me ) to survive the fire. The fire that took me away from my mum, my dad died in the war when I was 3 so me and my mum took refuge with Aunt Christy. It was her house that was set alight.

I get on the bus  and walk to the left back of the bus where Elody is waiting she hands me a latte and we talk. I look out the window and spot a young girl about 7 in a sugarplum fairy dress with a balloon she looks over at me and smiles she's cute and girly but something isn't right this girl  trips and starts crying she looks up at me. I ring the bell Elody looks up at me then nods '' go help her '' as if she can read my mind I get off the bus and start running to the little girl. ''Hey are you alright'' she looks up at me and nods but she has a big gash on her leg and can't stop crying '' want my mummy'' she starts wailing and then I realize whats not right about this little girl she is me but not me now me form the past just after my mum died '' come on you need a plaster'' I pick her up and start walking home she looks at me '' my knee is all better now'' I look and it is no blood and then she clicks her fingers and her balloon appears she smiles and clicks her fingers again and I put her down but i'm not moving my arms she is ... I mean how is she  doing it unless unless no it couldn't but could it could I could she could we be magic....


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