Every 7th Day

Every 7th day of the month, a little girl climbs out of the well and sits on the edge. She's done this for as long as she can remember. But living in a well in a graveyard has a good side.

Meet 15 year Skell Ing-ton, as he tries to help Evana, the emo girl in the well. But Sometimes, love can have difficult tasks to complete bofore you can be together forever.


1. The time I met her.....

Evana, looked at me. She smiled a little. I was brung but to humanity by thinking why I remembered it so much. Then I saw how. It was the first time I saw her smile! As I replayed her smile in my mind, these words came to my mind:


"I Love You It seems like I've been sleeping For a thousand years, Without a thought, Without a purpose, Without a voice, Without a soul, Until you walked into my life."

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