Don't let the cat out the bag.

Lily is bullied for many reasons. She isn't beautiful, clever or popular. Infact, she is the opposite. Everyday is a dread, a fear, a demond in her mind. Due to the continuous bullies, Lily decideds to do somthing she should never have done. She didn't tell, no way did she tell. The bullies said if she told they would cut her face and throw her into a bin. Thats how much pain Lily feels inside. The fear. The torment. The danger. The helplessness. Anything to make you feel like you want to dissapear, Lily feels. In this story, Lily begins to revealher demented life, from the beginning to the end.


1. Prolouge



             Thinking that starting Brooklin Secondary would be fun was one of the biggest mistakes I had ever done. Why would I think that, if I was going to be arriving with thick lenced glasses, silver braces to help my horrible teeth and oversized uniform? I was, and looked too much like an ugly geek, with my red, blistering spots and a short plump figure. Everyone else there was either slim, and pretty, or tall and handsome. Not me. No, no. Not little Lily.

            I was getting changed for gym, with all the other girls, when this girl started shouting, "Look at her huge bum! She has huge knickers! Look at her! What a disgrace! No wonder she has no friends!" A horrible cackle broke out anid the girls, and then, someone called out "Loner Lily!" And the laugh nearly burst my ears. Whether it was the nastiness that came with these crule words, or the loudness of them, I don't know, but my reaction to it was to put my hands over my ears and run.

             And I ran until I reached my front door. Collapsing on the door step, I broke into a flood of tears, and bashed my head against the door a few times. I wanted to forget it, but it only brought the memory back more. I didn't know what to do! Scared my mum would come back home soon, I broke into a run, and waited in the next, cobbled street until it was time to go back home. 

             I knew then, that this day, would only be the beginning of a series of torturous, agonizing and tormenting days. Little did I knew that these days would soon turn into weeks, and then months. And months. And months. And months. Until the end...... 


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