Dark Side

'My names Aime Paut. You say it like feet, but with a P. I'm 18 now and have a job, and starting to move on with my life. But getting here was not as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. I had to fight to be where I am now, physically and mentally. This is my life up to now.'

My 'Movella' is based around the everyday struggles of growing up in today's society, but also follows 'Amie's' fights against more serious issues such as depression, self harm, mental related illnesses and relationships.


1. Cold

It's Dark. Very Dark. I'm trying to reach my hands out, but they don't move. I know there is nothing to touch anyway. The bitter emptiness is taunting me, playing tricks on me in my head. Trying to tell me I'm okay, that I will make it out, that this isn't nothing. But this is something. The darkness is haunting me. It's senses I have no hope. It plays on the fact I have lost all will to try, and almost tells me we're here. But they're not. Nothing is here. Deceiving me, almost like the back stabbing beings I used to call my 'friends'. They're dancing round the room, implying I can trust them. But there is as much trust there as giving a thief your bag to hold for a second.Bag, I wonder where my bag is. I say my bag, but it's his. I only borrowed it, said I would bring it back. I promised. I wonder if he'll forgive me in these last minutes. I can just remember the blue in his eyes the last time we spoke. The never-ending hues of blue and green, darting around within the dark barrier of his iris. The glint of hope, the sparkle of dreams, the flicker of life. The things I'd do to see that right now, to feel it. To have it. But I see nothing. I feel blind to all my senses. No sight, no touch, no sound. Nothing.  The silence is deafening. The dark is blinding. The emptiness is crushing me, down into a state as if I could be dreaming. Such a beautiful nightmare. But then I did feel it, a jolt in my chest. One last push to get me to come back to reality and to save myself. A feeling of almost lurching forwards to try and revive myself. But I have, never the less given up. I could probably pull myself back, I am strong, but to what? What could I pull myself back to? Nothing, no one. Now I feel weightless. The pain has stopped, my bones feel light. Shivers crawl down my spine. I'm numb. I'm cold. I can feel the chill down the bones of my fingers. My legs and arms feel no strength. All my energy has left me, my head is light. I'm alone, trapped, in a never ending spiral of isolation. This is the dark side.

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