Something I've been writing over the past day, and still working on.

This story revolves around two Orcish brothers who were abandoned at birth, after their mother's home and town was ruthlessly burned to the ground by an Elven army. It involves their struggle to survive and get work.


5. An Unusual Attacker.

It was getting towards late afternoon by that time. Marog and Huygen had been scouting the northern fields for hours, and their sudden encounter with the Archmage's assailant had drained them both of their last reserves of energy. They had not yet fully inspected the body; only his pockets. Huygen removed the low, swooping hat from the assailant's blood soaked head. It was mutilated beyond recognition, and what he found shocked him greatly. The assailant was in fact, a Steliosapien, a race of lizard-like people who shared certain attributes with Humans-The ability to walk on two legs, speech, and a better developed brain. They had wicked, deep eyes that could, and would send you mad if you stared at them for long. They were covered in intricate scales, which naturally contained oil, that surprisingly harbored medicinal properties-This is why they were often hunted, never used as assailants or for any kind of job by any right minded person in the land. This intrigued Huygen greatly, sending him deep into thought for a while. Why would the Archmage send such a hunted creature after them?

"How interesting." Huygen said to himself, just loud enough for Marog to hear.

"What are you babbling on about now?" said Marog, sounding worn out and frustrated. He sat next to the assailant's body; his back to the tree. His panting after the conflict had gotten heavy, and sweat trickled down his face.

"This assailant appears to be a Steliosapien." replied Huygen, whilst scratching his chin.

"Preposterous. Steliosapiens are very hunted creatures, I can assure you that. Men of the free world find no use for them, apart from their scales. Not even Elves find any use for them." Marog had had his eyes closed the whole time, trying to fall into slumber; he had not noticed Huygen removing the assailant's hat to reveal his face.

"Open your eyes and look for yourself." Huygen said. Marog did as he was told and looked just to his left to find an incredibly limp lizard-like man staring him in the face. He was dead of course.

"By the gods, so it is," he said, inspecting the Steliosapiens face. "But why would the Archmage find such use for one?"

"That's exactly what I'm pondering over," Replied Huygen. "Although they are very sought after for their scales, they are extremely nimble creatures. Perhaps the Archmage thought the job might be quicker and easier for such a subtle creature."

"Perhaps, but that is the least of our concern right now. We are due back at the tavern." said Marog, sounding eager. With that said, they set off yet again, back in the direction they came, this time with a far more watchful eye. Who knows how many the Archmage sent? 5? 10? This is something that worried them both deeply and helped them to travel faster to avoid any further conflict. They were exhausted by the time they arrived back at Raven; their arms swinging by their sides. Rest was a need for them both. As you can imagine, questions were asked immediately as they set foot through the door of the Tavern.

"You are both an hour late! Where have you been?" asked Burly, shocked to see the two brothers out of breath and covered in dirt. Marog, whilst struggling for breath, managed to mutter a few words.

"We were ambushed, that's all you need to know." he said, walking up the stairs with a harsh tone. Burly looking shocked, turned to Huygen.

"Nevermind him, Burly, he's just tired is all." Huygen said.

"He said you were ambushed. Is that true?" Burly asked.

"Yes. It would appear that the Archmage wants us dead. He slaughtered our mother and torched our birthplace when we were Orclings. When people slip from his grasp, he hunts them until they are dead. No where is safe for us. No where."

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