Something I've been writing over the past day, and still working on.

This story revolves around two Orcish brothers who were abandoned at birth, after their mother's home and town was ruthlessly burned to the ground by an Elven army. It involves their struggle to survive and get work.


1. Prologue.


There was nowhere else to turn, the house was engulfed in flames and was about to crumble any minute. Melike scrambled in desperation to save herself. She darted frantically throughout the scalding remains of the house, cradling the very family she had left; her sons. The heat was building and closing in on her, the very walls cracking and tumbling all around. There was no time, the frail, wooden house was about to collapse with Melike inside. The useless attempts of the townsfolk trying to break down the door were getting them nowhere, until a loud knock came from the window. Melike turned to see a small woman standing outside, gesturing her to open the window. Without hesitation, she flung open the window and handed her the two small boys.

‘Promise me this,’ she said desperately. ‘Look after my boys, treat them as you would your own.’ The woman cradled them intently.

‘I promise.’ She replied. She backed quickly away from the house as it tumbled down on Melike. The two sons screamed all the more louder as she whisked them away from the ruins. It’s almost as if they knew what had just happened to their mother.

The town was now in ruins, many laid dead, their lives brutally taken by the Elven army of Archmage Delond. Those who escaped only looked back to see their birthplace and homes burning, perhaps with family members inside. The Archmage looked on and smiled, knowing that it had all gone to plan. His smile soon sour as he spotted the woman and the two Orcish brothers fleeing in the distant; feeling was futile, Delond's all-seeing eye would soon find them.

The woman made her way quickly out of the town, whilst it burned. She was to take the two Orcish children somewhere safe. Somewhere they wouldn’t get hurt.


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