stuck in misery

i am stuck in misery. a place of pain, tourture, death. every day and night.
day and night.
day and night.
day and night.
forever trapped.

i wrote this for the picture competition. the island.
very dark and very scary. not for the weak hearted.


3. regrets

Everywhere i go, i see pain. I hear insults. I smell death.

I have commited suicide five times now.

But you cant die on misery, you just live forever. Forever seeing these things. Forever feeling this deppressed. I once walked down a deserted street, and came across a thin young boy with his hands over his eyes, crying. I rushed over to him, and tried to comfort him. He took his hands away from his head, cried harder, and turned to face me.

He had no eyes.

There was just bloody sockets and purple veins. I screamed in terror and ran off, but he followed me. He still follows me. I hear his pathetic crying, never ending, day and night.

Day and night.

Day and night.

Soon i may turn into one of them. A demon. A monster. No one can help me now.

I'm trapped. Stuck. No escape. Tourtured. Demented. Deranged.


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