stuck in misery

i am stuck in misery. a place of pain, tourture, death. every day and night.
day and night.
day and night.
day and night.
forever trapped.

i wrote this for the picture competition. the island.
very dark and very scary. not for the weak hearted.


2. my life could be different

I'd packed all the stuff i'd need, and i was ready to go. But before i left the house, i ran back to my room and went to my jewellery box. I slid open the silver satin lid, and lifted out a necklace. It was a thin, gold chain with a large opal drop. Opal's are considered unlucky, but it was a present from my gran before she passed away, so it was my lucky charm. On the back of the opal, there was a small cross carved into the back, so the lord would give me protection. I kissed the cross and then put it round my neck, tucking it under my shirt. I walked to the front door, and stepped outside.

This opal has not given me any luck. It is just a stone, imprisoned in a gold cage. It is pure white, with glints of gold, lavender and electirc blue. It looks magical. But its only looks. It has not helped me in this terrible twisted world where there is no escape.

The boat was small and new, painted a soft salmon pink. There was a thin mast with a plain white flag on the top, thrashing about wildly in the wind. I climbed in, grabbed the oars, and started rowing. The sea was strong, but i was stronger. I started the long voyage to misery. The crowed cheered as i set of, waving goodbye.

Why didn't i say no? Why didn't i turn around, admit defeat, go home? I know. I have too much pride. Too much reputation. Too much dignity. It brings you down. This is what you get when you have confidence.

The sea thrashed the boat from left to right, but i kept going. Each movement was agony, but i just gritted my teeth and kept going. In. Out. In. Out. That steady rythem kept me moving. In. Out. In. Out. The island was within my grasp. I peered behind to get a look at it- and i stopped. There was a blackish mist surrounding it; I felt a shiver down my spine.  The temperature seemed to drop 20 degrees. I kept going.

Trapped. Stuck. No escape.

I was almost there, so close...

Trapped. Stuck. No escape.

I pulled my boat into the abandoned and broken harbour, and looked around.

Tourtured. Demented. Deranged.

All of a sudden pain ripped through me, and i screamed out loud. My body was on fire; My brain couldn't take it.

Tourtured. Demented. Deranged.

Spirits surrounded me, screaming insults and chants, jeering and laughing.

Trapped. Stuck. No escape. Tourtured. Demented. Deranged.




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