stuck in misery

i am stuck in misery. a place of pain, tourture, death. every day and night.
day and night.
day and night.
day and night.
forever trapped.

i wrote this for the picture competition. the island.
very dark and very scary. not for the weak hearted.


1. The dare

They told me not to. They warned me. But i didn't belive their tales. I thought i was too smart.

I was wrong.

Now i am trapped here, stuck on this island full of despair. Just evil things that haunt you every day and every night. I will soon become delirious.

Maybe i already have.

I'd better tell you how i got here then, haven't i?


"Go on, i dare you to! Eat it!" I chanted as Carol picked up the worm from the soil. It wriggled through her finger tips, trying to escape. Carol held it up high, and brought it down to her pale pink lips. I closed my eyes and shuddered. maybe i shouldn't have chosen this for a dare. But nevermind, my turn next. I heard the groans from the crowed as she swallowed, and then the clapping of her finishing. I opened my eyes, and she was staring straight at me. Smiling. I pulled the blue anorak closer to me, and brushed my sandy hair out of my eyes.

"Your turn Jess." she trilled in a tinkily fairy voice. her soft blonde ringlets floating gently behind her. I braced myself, and waited for whatever she had coming for me.

" I dare you... to row to Misery." She said. The crowd gasped and murmered. Misery was full of folklores and old tales that once you got there, you were stuck. It is supposed to be full of demons and spirits, all things that torment. All you would ever hear on misery were the cries of tourtured children. Screams of demons. Chants of witches.

"I'll do it." I replyed confidently. They were all just silly tales to entertain tourists. I don't want  to brag, but i am amazing a rowing, so it was going to be a doddle.


Oh how stupid of me, to expect to be fine. If i hadn't started the daring contest, i would be at home, watching tv. But instead i'm here. Watching death.



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