The novel is based on a riddle, that takes hours to solve, and minutes to understand once you have the answer. I have taken it and turned it into a story, so I hope you will enjoy it.

This story is inspired and written for the Picture Prompt Competition.


4. Chapter Three


But all good things come to an end, don’t they? I should’ve known it couldn’t bear on, a living paradise in which I, Jack Hudson lived. It was surreal. I had never experienced such luxury before but nonetheless: I loved it. The days passed with gambling, drinking, eating and flirting with the hot girls on the ship. We had so much fun and it was as if we were living in another world.

Maybe we were. I think so. Because what happened to us was so unbearable and horrible I had to believe it was a dream.

We went scuba diving, we swam, we sun bathed, and we went on adventures on the majestic ship. I still couldn’t find my way around, it was so huge. The elevators had some weird system where some of them go up, and some down, so we had to wait a real long time for them to take us to our destination. My friends meant the world to me, and I thank them for the great times we’ve had.

But then the unthinkable happened. One night, we where chilling in our room since it was raining outside. I remember we were playing poker, because the second Mark said, “Full House” and I was gonna pay him the money we bet , I heard a deep rumble.

“Guys, did you hear that?” I asked feeling a bit uneasy.

“Haa haa, you just don’t want to pay me the money that is truthfully mine!” Mark teased and grabbed the money from my hand. I didn’t care.

“No seriously,” I stood up, shushing them. “What is that?” They could see the worry in my eyes, so Daniel stood up and listened too. It sounded like metal being scratched against a cheese shredder.

“I don’t know. We should go ask.” Dan said, and as always he was being the responsible one.

We walked outside and saw people running frantically through the halls. We couldn't set a foot outside without getting trampled by the oblivion of people, storming our way.  I tried yelling over the crowd and stopping several by passers, but they all gave me a dirty look and kept going. Panic started rising in my chest, and then I heard the first bump. The whole ship shook, and nearly everyone fell over from the impact. I fell backwards into Mark who was standing behind me and we landed with a thud on the ground. I was scared. The crowd starting pushing harder against each other, and started screaming like maniacs. The few crew members who were trying to guard the huge amount of people through the halls, were telling them to remain calm. I was definitely not calm.  

“What the Hell is going on?” Daniel yelled. 

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