The novel is based on a riddle, that takes hours to solve, and minutes to understand once you have the answer. I have taken it and turned it into a story, so I hope you will enjoy it.

This story is inspired and written for the Picture Prompt Competition.


7. Chapter Six


As I plummeted toward my enemy, in the form of liquid, I had a series of moments from my life, flash before my eyes. I saw my father, my mother, my high school graduation and meeting Mark and Dan in college. My stomach tightened as I realized I would soon be dead. And even worse, so would my two best friends.

Out of spite, I screamed just before my body broke through the rippled surface and was engulfed by the darkness. Water filled up my lungs as I desperately tried to come up and above the icy water. The cold had paralyzed me, and I was unable to move. It was the craziest feeling, like I had no control over my body what so ever.

I sunk further and further down, as my body was failing me, because of the drastic temperature change, and a sensation of understanding swept through me. This was how it was meant to be. I had been scared of dying, but it didn’t seem too bad. The light above me slowly grew smaller as I sunk further and further into the dark abyss of the ocean.

I was cold but I didn’t care. My lungs burned for air, but the weariness in my veins was just too strong for me to overcome.  My limbs were floating around, and I couldn’t sense any part of my whole being. It seemed as if they weren’t mine anymore, but I could still see them attached to my body. My heart beat was slowing. Panic wouldn’t help me. So I let my mind feel serene as I closed my eyes and just let it all go.


But of course I wasn’t that lucky. When everything was just about to fall into place, a shaking hand grabbed my wrist. Before I could even look up, I was yanked upwards and I gasped gratefully as the fresh and clean air entered my starving lungs. I floated there for a moment just breathing, and never in my life had I been happier for the respiration process. When my heart picked up its normal pace, and I was somewhat okay, I looked up to see who my rescuer was. A burning flare of hope grew inside me as I wanted it so bad to be someone I knew.

Relieved I looked up at the innocent face of Daniel, who was now smiling as he studied me.

“You okay, bro? You seem a little blue.” Laughter erupted from an unknown source behind us. I giggled as well. The situation was just so surreal and it hadn’t quite sunken into my brain what had just happened. Even under these horrific circumstances, I couldn’t stop chuckling. It seemed ridiculous to laugh right now, but somehow it felt natural to do.

I craned my neck, still wondering who had snickered first , and I saw a faint glimpse of Mark’s grin. I smiled in return and started yelling at the top of my lungs. Both of my friends were alive, including me! We shared a group hug and I couldn’t believe how relieved I felt. My best friends were alive. We had survived.

After the shock had settled down a bit I was surprised to see that Mark was holding on to the edge of a boat. Our life saver. We were still floating in the icy mixture of seaweed and water and my lips were frozen. If I tried to speak my teeth would chatter and only a faint sound would come out. They hoisted themselves into the canoe first and then brought me with them. There were three seats in the old wooden thing and two oars. I was smiling as I realized we would be okay. Everything would be fine. I chanted these words inside my mind again and again until I had memorized them completely. It morphed into a meaningless stream of sounds and soon their meaning vanished.

After we stopped laughing and yelling in disbelief, we slowly grew silent as Mark and Dan paddled away, with me sitting in the middle. A huge crash and rumble sounded from behind us. Just after getting somewhat warm we were hurled back into the blackness as a big wave in the water came toward us and threw us over the edge of our boat. Blinded I swam upwards. We were far ahead, but what I saw sent a shiver that was not due to the cold, down my spine.

After the roar had been extinguished by the water, an eerie silence slowly crept over us, and everyone. We were thoughtlessly making our way through the black, murky water and had completely forgotten about the other passengers. As I grabbed the hem of the boat, guilt settled in my stomach and it tightened dreadfully as I studied the sight, that we were far away from at this point.

Before, the noise from the other people had simply been a distraction, in the background. But when that deafening sound had come, like metal being scraped across a shredder, all other noises died down.

When I looked back, dread filled my whole being. I had never been so afraid in my life, or aware of the circumstances we were under.

The ship wasn’t there anymore.

It was gone. 

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