The novel is based on a riddle, that takes hours to solve, and minutes to understand once you have the answer. I have taken it and turned it into a story, so I hope you will enjoy it.

This story is inspired and written for the Picture Prompt Competition.


8. Chapter Seven

Air automatically left my lungs. A few minutes ago everything had seemed so complete, so good. We were alive, for fucks sake. But following our bursts of relief came a searing, burning and scarring fear. We were stranded in the middle of the ocean, with no ship, no help, and many less passengers in the water than when the cruise departed from the harbor.
    I was deadly afraid that Mother Nature had taken many innocent lives in this tragedy for no reason. I didn’t even know what caused this wreckage; let alone how many people had passed away.
    All of this flew through my mind in a second. Silently I glanced backwards at Mark and Dan and to my somewhat comfort, I knew that they had had the same revelation as I. At least I was not alone in this mess.        My best friends in the world carried this burden with me.
    I was not alone.
    Again, I started chanting the words in my mind until they at last had no meaning. Oddly, this calmed me.

    I decided we couldn’t waste any more time looking at the place where the ship had been. We needed to get moving since I was already turning numb in my face and limbs.
      We needed to find safety.
      Even just turning in a half circle to face my friends was excruciatingly painful, so I knew I had made the right decision. It was difficult to speak since the water was freezing and I could almost feel it slow my thoughts so I couldn’t think all that clearly or logically.
     It was like I was moving and thinking in slow motion.
    “The boat.” I lifted my finger to point in the direction of the now flipped over boat, and started swimming slowly towards it, followed by the others.
     We just needed a vehicle.
     Then we would be safe.
But truthfully, I could see no strip of land in the distance. The more I looked, the landscape just turned bluer and the edge of the ocean started blending in with the sky. I couldn’t make sense of anything.
     And then I blacked out.


     The warm rays of the sun were warming me. Golden streams of light disturbed my eyes, forcing me to open them.
      As I lifted my eyes just a little, all I saw was blue. The sky had not a single cloud disturbing the lightness of the air. The whole world was in front of me.
     I was swaying lightly from side to side. What was going on? I pushed my eyes open wider looking directly into the sun. Too quickly, I cringed and moved to the side, accidentally bumping into a warm, lumpy object.  Looking up I realized that object was Dan.
     “Finally awake, huh?” I could practically hear his elfish grin spread across his face.    
     “Where are we?” I croaked, surprised by how dry my voice was.
     “In the Caribbean Ocean, my friend.” Mark answered. We were on the boat.
      “Did I… Pass out?” I asked, finally putting some of the questions in my head together to gather answers.
      “Sure did. We had to lift you into the boat. Maybe it was shock or something, but either way you were out cold.” A reply came from Daniel.
    “Thank you guys so much. This… I just can’t believe this has happened. Can you find any land?”
    “Me neither. Dan and I were just discussing how fucking up this whole thing is messed. We paid for this, god damn it, and we’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. There’s no land at all. I honestly don’t know what to do.” Mark didn’t seem very enthusiastic about our new situation.
    “We survive, is what we do, Mark.” I answered before looking out into the endless vastness of the ocean, thinking that we would not get through this alive.  

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