The Very Edge

Faye Rochals. She was a kid treated like an outsider. She was a bullied student at Dellmore High for Girls. By the time she gets into year 9, she thought she was normal. Finally the teen she hoped she'd become. But now she's on a bridge. Not an important place but right at the minute, it means everything.


1. Taking In The Scenery


The wind pulled on her flaming, red hair, restraining her from walking any further to the edge. Her palms were sweaty as she reached for the hard, cold iron bar that was keeping her from where she wanted to be. Her chipped nails buried themselves into the post. In that brief moment Faye had left to see what the world was really like, the damage that had been done unravelled from her mind. How could everything go wrong? Again? She should have known… 

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