The Very Edge

Faye Rochals. She was a kid treated like an outsider. She was a bullied student at Dellmore High for Girls. By the time she gets into year 9, she thought she was normal. Finally the teen she hoped she'd become. But now she's on a bridge. Not an important place but right at the minute, it means everything.


6. Realisation


I won’t go into detail about what happened but my predictions were mostly right. The sneers were from Klara, Sophie and the person I’d least expect to back-stab me – Imogen. This time they weren’t just out for fun. They wanted me dead. I’m surprise I didn’t die at that point. A deep crimson liquid flowed from almost every part of my body and my hair was dyed in it, making it deeper than the horrific red it already was.


At one stage, I found the strength to run. It felt like an eternity of no hope. I know there was probably nothing that could save me, but I knew I had to try. That’s how I found the bridge.

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