The Very Edge

Faye Rochals. She was a kid treated like an outsider. She was a bullied student at Dellmore High for Girls. By the time she gets into year 9, she thought she was normal. Finally the teen she hoped she'd become. But now she's on a bridge. Not an important place but right at the minute, it means everything.


5. Imogen and I


We became friends pretty quick and my confidence began to grow. I was elated that I could have a normal life at last. Imogen and I were like sisters. We spilled all our secrets to each other and promised not to tell a soul. If only I hadn’t…


Imogen had a crush on some guy called Matt. She didn’t know his last name but he was definitely a Matt. One day in the cafeteria, I started to talk to this lad. He looked like a year 8, maybe 9 – I couldn’t be sure. Gen wasn’t in so when he invited me to sit with him and his mates, I couldn’t resist. It was only once I had sat down I realised he was Klara’s ex. Her eyes target locked onto mine, sending a cold sensation into my heart. She was a wild bird, selecting her next victim which was, evidently, me. I tried to ignore her deathly glares and focus on making a good impression on my new-found friends. I didn’t ask of his name because, in some parallel universe, he already knew mine. I couldn’t ask him then!


In the end, we decided to meet up at the youth club that night. We added our numbers to each other’s phones and… he kissed me. Just before he left. Only on the cheek but I glowed like fairy dust inside. He was perfect.


On the way home, I nipped into Imogen’s to check she was O.K. I told her everything that had happened at dinner and she seemed happy for me. She left me leave not long afterwards to get ready for my date. The date that never came.


I decided to walk to my aunt’s house and get a lift to the youth centre. I never got to her house. 5 minutes around the corner from my house, I could hear that familiar giggling. The giggling that made my legs weak and my arms numb. Except this time, there was another voice amongst the jeers.

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