The Very Edge

Faye Rochals. She was a kid treated like an outsider. She was a bullied student at Dellmore High for Girls. By the time she gets into year 9, she thought she was normal. Finally the teen she hoped she'd become. But now she's on a bridge. Not an important place but right at the minute, it means everything.


3. 2nd Term - 2010


It was the usual beatings when she came along. I just let it happen to me. I no longer had the strength to fight back and I couldn’t avoid it. Normally, if you gave into them, they weren’t as strong with their punches and the pain didn’t last as long. I can remember it vividly.

We were 2 terms into the year and the girls were in year 9. I could hear them giggling in the bushes. My stomach ached as if they’d already began and my head screamed to run. I didn’t. My deep, green eyes let one tear escape from there clasp.

SHHHH!! She’s here!

I looked down at the littered path and my attention was drawn to the marks around my wrists.

The crescent one was where I hit myself on the table and the deep red one is from my Technology class. I didn’t want Mr Baron to see how clumsy I’d been so that’s why I have a mark there too.

 To be honest I wanted to believe them lies myself but it was hard to forget where they really came from.

Crescent: Second day – Klara ‘chicken scratched’ my arm

Deep Red: Last November – Sophie’s nails ripped into my skin

Hand mark: Last week – Klara told me I couldn’t tell anyone about what they were doing.

The punches were starting to slow when she got there. My blazed hair was a ball of fire and they were the water to come and put me out. I was choking on my own sick!

“What’s your problem, Klara!?” The resilient voice escalated from behind me. I was petrified and drained. “You can’t go round just whacking every other person you see!” she shouted, but, somehow, she was still keeping a steady tone.

“Come on Soph,” Klara complained. Was she backing down? But how? This was Klara! “Don’t think we’ve finished with you, Faye!” She tormented but her the echo’s trailed away until she was gone.

“Faye, right?” I looked up in desperation of help. “I’m Imogen. Let’s get you cleaned off then, shall we?” She sounded so safe and secure. I’d finally got a friend in that God damned place. I hoped…

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