Kids with Guns

This is the first page/scene of a script I've recently been writing , tell me what you think !


7. scene 5 part 3 - Oscars glasses


(Scene changes to morning, Jet, Scarlet, Ash, Simon and Oscar are on deck)

Scarlet: (staring at Oscar) “your glasses…”

Oscar: “what about them”

Scarlet: “there annoying”

Oscar: “how?!”

Scarlet: “they look stupid”

Oscar: “pardon me but you’re not exactly one to talk…after all you are ginger”

Scarlet: “say one more word posh boy and I’ll wipe those glasses off your face!”

Ash: “ooh the mouth on this one” (chuckling)

Oscar: (coughing) “ahem-gin-ahem-ger “

Scarlet: (slaps Oscar, his glasses fall to the ground and crack)

Oscar: (staring at the ground for two seconds) “AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH, MY GLASSES WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY PRECIOUS GLASSES HOW DARE YOU! YOU MURDERER” (spontaneously bursts into tears and jumps off deck in an attempt to commit suicide)

[Scene cuts to Oscar back on the boat holding a coffee wrapped in a green blanket]

Oscar: (shivering) “I c-can’t live w-without m-m-my g-glasses”

(Everyone patting Oscar on the back trying to comfort him, Simon walks over to the broken glasses, picks them up and puts them back on Oscars face)

Simon: “yaayyy I bet you feel tons better now”

Ash, Jet and Scarlet: “YOURE NOT HELPING”

Hayden: (walking on to deck) “you guys might wanna get your stuff together, were nearly on land”

Jet: “hey Hayden, Speaking for the group , would you, Angus and Oscar like to join us on our mission”

Hayden: “I’m sure we’d all love to but we have just too much work to do, although at the docks we have a friend there waiting to drive you”

Simon: “are you sure, it’s a hell of a lot of fun and we could use brains like you back at the base”

Hayden: “like I said we just have too much work”

Jet: “I guess we better go get our stuff together, come on guys. Oh, and Hayden, you know if you ever feel like changing your mind our offer still stands” (she walks down into the cabin area)

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