Kids with Guns

This is the first page/scene of a script I've recently been writing , tell me what you think !


4. scene 4 - the journey

Three hours later…. Phoenix pulls out a cell phone and begins to dial.

Tiger-Lilly: “you had a phone this whole time?!”

Jet: “Phoenix why didn’t you tell us?!”

Phoenix: “what would be the point? No one can pick us up”

Simon: “she has a point there, but if there’s no one to pick us up who the hell are you calling?”

Phoenix: “Ramone, I want to ask him what we can do next”

Axel: “couldn’t we just kinda make it up as we go along? Y’know like always?”

Phoenix: “Because when we do that we have a truck!”

Simon: “look we’ll find something, it’s the not first time we’ve nearly died, remember that time Phoenix was driving?”

Phoenix: “SHUT UP SIMON”

Simon: “I’m just saying next time you might want to remember what one the brake pedal is before going 90 down a hill…on the edge of a cliff…”

Phoenix: “Urgh”

Jet: “Hey guys…look over there”

Axel: “Shit Jet, that’s an enemy helicopter”

Jet: “yeah but look, they have guns…and there not firing, and there throwing down a rope ladder.”

Alexis: “It might be a trick though” (the helicopter stops just above the groups head)

Simon: “Holy cow” (a girl swings half way out the side door)

Stranger: “Get in, don’t worry were on your side!”

Jet: “okay everyone climb up, I can see bikers coming! GO! GO! GO!”

Simon: (half way up the rope ladder) “Jet, I have to tell you something!”

Jet: “Simon its fine tell me later, just keep climbing!”

Simon: “But Jet-“ Jet: “-What?!” Simon: “…You are the wind beneath my win-“


Simon: “but!” Everyone: “SIMON” (the group quickly climb up the ladder into the helicopter)

Stranger: "You guys looked like you needed some help. My names Ash by the way "

Jet: "My names Jet and these guys here are Simon, Axel , Phoenix, Tiger-Lilly and Alexis"

The group: "hey"

Ash: "well, as I've said I'm Ash, these guys behind me here are Scarlet , and Clark"

Scarlet: " I don't want to rush the introductions or anything but its getting pretty dark , maybe we should get some sleep and get to know each other tomorrow" 

Jet: "sounds like a good idea, time we all rested"

(the group all find somewhere to sit and find some blankets everyone lies down and goes to sleep)  

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