Kids with Guns

This is the first page/scene of a script I've recently been writing , tell me what you think !


3. scene 3 - the truck

(Jet and Simon sitting quietly, the only noise you can hear is the noise of the trucks engine, everyone else is asleep)

Simon: “hey umm, Jet?”

Jet: “yeah?”

Simon: “There’s something I’ve been trying to tell you for a while, and if I don’t now I don’t think I ever will”

Jet: (giggles a little and then smiles, still staring out the truck window) “what would that be?”

Simon:  “Well, I…I…..I think your awesome and well we’ve known each other since the beginning right? Well I have to tell you that I , I love you…r way of managing things , I mean the way you plan stuff , oh crap….” (He hangs his head then looks back up onto the road)

Jet: “ha, that’s sweet I think you’re awesome too but, we can’t let things like feelings get in the way of our missions” (she then turns her head and looks out the window to her left and smiles)

Simon: “yeah…” (Simon frowns and continues on driving)  (1 hour later)

Phoenix: “hey guys I think you have forgotten about the people sitting in the back? We just had to sit through your entire conversation, ooh I love you Jet, I love you too Simon, kiss me!” (Pucker’s her lips mimicking a romantic kiss)

Jet: “crap…”

Tiger-Lilly: “what’s wrong?”

Jet: “we have company!” Bullets hit the side of the truck, every one ducks as the truck swerves.

Phoenix: (pulls a gun out from under the driver seat and begins to fire at the enemy)

some bikers appear beside the truck and ram into its sides, the truck swerves again, hits a rock and flips over.

Jet: “everybody out!”

The group crawl out of the truck and run as far as possible.

Axel: “what the fuck just happened?!” Jet: “Draiman’s onto us”

Alexis: “shit…”

Simon: “tell me about it”

Jet: “wait, where did the bikers go?”

Axel: “must have thought we were still in the truck or something…”

Tiger-Lilly: “sounds about right”

Phoenix: “well, now were stuck in the middle of nowhere, we have no chance of completing this mission now, face it guys we’re screwed”

(the group sighed)

Jet: “well we might as well keep walking, it’s not over yet.”

Simon: “you’re so positive”

Jet:  (palms her face and sighs)

Tiger-Lilly: “Jets right though, might as well keep walking, at least then we tried.”

Phoenix: “I see your point, but without the truck we will never get there”

Axel: “let’s just keep walking anyway”

(the group sighed and began walking) Jet stopped and waited a second, then snapped her fingers.

Jet: “we should take the weapons and supplies with us, in case those bikers decide to come back.”

Alexis and Phoenix walk over to the flipped over truck, crawl inside and rummage around inside. After about three minutes they pull out two bags and at least 7 guns.

Alexis: “that’s all of it”

Simon: “can we keep walking now?”

(The group begin walking again)  

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