Kids with Guns

This is the first page/scene of a script I've recently been writing , tell me what you think !


2. scene 2 - the garage

(The group enters garage to join Valiant and Alexis working on the truck)

Valiant: “oh, hey guys, the trucks nearly read , thought I would just fill up your fuel tank before you got here , y’know so you don’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere…again”

Jet : “thanks Valiant , hey Lexis you ready to go?”

Alexis: “almost, just checking the breaks, okay let’s go”

Valiant: “so you figured out what route you’re gonna take?”

Jet: “yeah we figured we would take the old road, its way quicker, no traffic and all that…”

Valiant: “are you crazy?! Half of that road is missing!”

Simon: “that’s why we’re taking the truck…”

Tiger: “hey guys you ready to go yet, were getting impatient over here, let’s go!”

Valiant: “I guess I will see you when you get back guys, good luck!”

Jet: “thanks Val” (she hugs valiant)

(they all climb into the truck, Simon driving, jet in the front and the others sitting in the back)

valiant: “Bye guys!” (He waves at the truck as it drives away, sighs, frowns and walks over to a computer)  

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