Kids with Guns

This is the first page/scene of a script I've recently been writing , tell me what you think !


1. Scene 1 - the team bass


Jet: (narrating as scenes of war are shown ) It all started  4 years ago , prisoners , ex-convicts and terrorists formed an alliance and declared war , thing is no one under the age of 16 was allowed to fight , the rest of us just had to adapt and survive or die trying . But, there was this one group, my group; we fought against the rules, and the war. We were only a small group but we were skilled none the less, so skilled in fact we were like assassins .We fought hard and we fought until the end….                                                                                                               “If we all knew what we were truly capable of, we would astound ourselves.” These words were the words that kept me alive, these words, and my friends. In order to fight, we had to run, away from our families and away from our old lives, it was the only way things could work. But we were okay with it, as time went on we became our own family, we protected each other and we stuck together, no one got left behind. The first few weeks were rough, but we adapted…..  

Enter room: Team base, a holographic image of a man appears…  

Ramone: “Good morning team, your mission today is to find the notorious weapon expert Mel Draiman, codename Black Angel, he has been spotted in a base somewhere near district 19, take him down and anyone that gets in your way, you got that?”

Jet: “yeah boss, were on it”

Ramone: “ good , you have a maximum or 3 days to complete this mission, since your already in district 17 it should only take a day to get there by car , I suggest you leave now if you want a decent rest when you arrive”

Simon: “got it boss.”

Ramone: “right team, good luck and come back in one piece”

Phoenix: “When do we not.” (Smiling as she exclaims)

(We see static on hologram as Ramone signs off)

Jet: “I’ll gather up the others and tell em were on another man hunt, Simon call Valliant and ask him if the trucks all set up and ready to go, Phoenix, grab the ammo, meet you back here in ten” (leaves the room)

Phoenix: “Looks like were back in business, that damn truck better be repaired by now”

Simon: “amen to that “ (picks up phone and begins to dial Valiant) (Phone answers)

Valiant: “hey Simon, I’m guessing this is about the truck, new mission?”

Simon:” you got it, Boss is sending us on another man hunt, is the truck ready to go?”

Valiant: “yeah she’s all ready to go, just come pick her up when your all set, and try not almost destroy her this time?”

Simon: “thanks we’ll be over soon” (hangs up phone)

(Jet, Axel and tiger-Lilly enter the room soon joined by Phoenix)

Axel: “so, who’s this famous Black angel guy we’ve been assigned?”

Jet: “rumour has it he’s the best damn weapon expert in the country, just a shame he’s a bad guy, he would have come in handy”

Axel: “lemme get this straight, the boss is sending us on a mission, to kill the best weapon constructor in this county, why?”

Jet: “I guess what the boss is thinking is if we take him out, we take out a large sum of the enemy’s ammunition.”

Simon: “I guess that makes sense”

Phoenix: “hey Jet, where’s Alexis?”

Jet: “she went to go pick up the truck , saves time and all that, I just hope she’s okay , she still looks troubled from our last mission, I think she blames herself sometimes y’know?”

Phoenix: “But it couldn’t be helped, what happened has happened and we have to just deal with that and move on”

Jet: “I’m sure she will be okay in time”

Phoenix: “Yeah”

Simon: “Everyone ready?”

Tiger-Lilly: “yeah, all set, lets head out” (Everyone leaves room) 

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