Harry Styles - Love Story

It's a story my friend wrote to me. :)
Would like to share it with you, write what you think <3
It's about Harry Styles from 1D!;)


9. the perfect boyfriend

The doorbell went of; you’ve done your hair, clothes makeup perfect, nothing could ruin this day! You wear a cute, short, loose, pink flowered summer dress. You had wavy hair, and some natural makeup. You opened the door; there stood the most perfect man in the world, he was your man. He loved YOU; he was yours and only yours. He was here cause he wanted to be with you and spend time with you. He has fallen in love with you. “Why are you smiling at me like that” He asked at laughed a bit. “Cause I love you” You said. He hugged you. “Know what babe? I really love you too” “And I brought you some flowers” He said and handed you the most beautiful pink roses. “Harry, they are beautiful! You shouldn’t have!” “You look gorgeous” He said. “Oh Harry why are you so perfect? I love you so much!” You smiled and he kissed you gently. Then he whispered in your ear; “I’m not perfect, I just love you, I don’t want to share you with anyone, you my girl” He said and took your hand. “Shall we go?” He looked at you. “Yes Harry, let go, I’ll just put the flowers in some water” You smiled at kissed him. “Of course!” He said and let you go. You filed at bottle with water, you could find something prettier when you come home. “I’m ready! You took your bag, and you left with the world most perfect man, going out to the town”

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